A 96%-Rated Dramedy Conquering HBO’s Chart Is a Must-Watch for In Bruges Fans

A 96%-Rated Dramedy Conquering HBO’s Chart Is a Must-Watch for In Bruges Fans
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Here comes a perfect mix of genres.

Back in 2008, the accomplished playwright Martin McDonagh made his directorial debut with In Bruges, a movie that blended several genres including black comedy, drama, and crime thriller. Over the years, it has acquired a cult status.

If you enjoyed the cast, quite an absurd tone and unique narration of McDonagh’s notorious first movie, you shouldn’t miss his most recent tragicomedy that is now climbing HBO’s global top despite being released two years ago.

Set on a remote island in Ireland, the film tells the unsettling story of two lifelong friends Pádraic and Colm. Their relationship seems unbreakable, but it is Colm himself who decides to put an end to their friendship all of a sudden.

This news leaves Pádraic devastatingly stunned, but he doesn’t want to lose a friend, so he aims to repair their relationship at all costs, refusing to take no for an answer. His attempts turn their life into a war with dark consequences to both of them.

This synopsis offers the whole bunch of hilarious events happening on screen, and the main key to its success is McDonagh's impeccable screenwriting. The filmmaker is recognized as a master of unforgettable dialogues, and here they’re indeed top-notch.

A 96%-Rated Dramedy Conquering HBO’s Chart Is a Must-Watch for In Bruges Fans - image 1

Not only is the movie written perfectly, but it is convincingly acted too. It reunites In Bruges leads, Colin Farrell ( True Detective ) and Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter, Mr. Mercedes). Their duo is an odd one, but the actors certainly kill it with their talents for delivering both dark jokes and displaying traumas that torment the main characters.

Titled The Banshees of Inisherin, this dramedy was received so well that it became the highest-rated film in Farrell and McDonagh's careers. Its blend of high-class humor and deep drama, enhanced by terrific acting and scenery, makes a solid must-watch of it.

“Can’t remember a movie that has so seamlessly blended comedy and tragedy. Managed to be both hilarious and depressing. Definitely McDonough’s best film imo,” concludes Redditor @DaDinklesIsMyJam about this unique cinematic experience.

Check out this morbidly ridiculous movie, as The Banshees of Inisherin is now available to stream on Apple TV+ and Disney+ .