9 Best Michael Weatherly Projects to Watch While Waiting for NCIS: Tony & Ziva

9 Best Michael Weatherly Projects to Watch While Waiting for NCIS: Tony & Ziva
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The actor, who rose to fame on NCIS, has a variety of TV and film projects lined up behind his back.

Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, became a fan favorite during his years on NCIS. Now, almost a decade after his departure from the original show, a spin-off, NCIS: Tony & Ziva, is coming to Paramount+.

The new project does not yet have a release date, but it is known that it will be released in the second half of 2024.

Here are nine projects starring Michael Weatherly to help you pass the time.

1. Bull, 2016-2022

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Dr. Jason Bull is the charming founder of a successful trial consulting firm. He and his team use science and intuition to understand attorneys, witnesses, and defendants and create trial scenarios that help their clients win.

Michael Weatherly's Dr. Bull falls somewhere between Lie to Me's Dr. Lightman and The Mentalist's Patrick Jane. From the former, he takes an (almost) scientific approach to "reading" people — whether they are lying or telling the truth. From The Mentalist, he takes the ability to manipulate people.

2. Charlie Valentine, 2009

Charlie Valentine, played by Raymond J. Barry, is a seasoned gangster, a ruthless businessman who knows no mercy. However, Charlie has no intention of resting on his laurels. Charlie decides to prove that there are no former gangsters. He assembles a team of experienced bandits to rob his own friend Rocco, who still holds the power of the city in his hands.

Charlie's brilliant plan fails, his accomplices are killed, and Charlie himself escapes. Taking Rocco's favorite car, he decides to stay with his son Danny, played by Michael Weatherly, whom he has not seen in 20 years. However, it turns out that Valentine Jr. has inherited his father's criminal habits, and the two, reunited, decide to get back into business.

3. The Mystery of Natalie Wood, 2004

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Natalie Wood became an international celebrity and an idol for millions of viewers. She was recognized as a talented actress and starred alongside James Dean and Frank Sinatra, but most of all with her idol Robert Wagner, whom Natalie later married.

But the Hollywood dream has its downside: fears and phobias, misunderstandings and loneliness, family problems and depression, a constant struggle with the burden of fame for the right to love and be loved.

Michael Weatherly plays Robert Wagner — the main man in Natalie's life. A significant part of the miniseries is devoted to their love story.

4. Major Crimes, 2012-2018

Major Crimes is a spin-off of the police procedural The Closer. After Brenda Leign Johnson is fired, Captain Raydor takes over the LAPD Major Crimes Unit. However, she will have to work with a team that is already resentful of her — because Chief Johnson herself has always hated her.

Michael Weatherly guest-starred in the first season in the fourth episode of Major Crimes — The Ecstasy and the Agony.

5. Charmed, 1998-2006

The three Halliwell sisters discover that they are hereditary witches, the most powerful in the world. The oldest sister has telekinesis, the middle sister can stop time, and the youngest sister can see the future. Charmed lasted eight seasons and was a fan favorite for years, eventually becoming a cult show.

Michael Weatherly played Brendan Rowe, one of three brothers who were part of the Rowe Coven, a sort of counterpart to the Power of Three.

6. Her Minor Thing, 2005

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A romantic comedy about a successful young woman, Jeana, whose life is thrown into chaos when her boyfriend, Tom (Michael Weatherly), accidentally reveals on television that she is still a virgin at the age of twenty-five. Now all the men in town are after her, and the women are trying to take revenge for her boyfriend's gross miscalculation.

A real war of the sexes begins, which goes too far. All this makes the main character rethink her romantic ideals and her attitude towards men.

7. Dark Angel, 2000-2002

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The series starts in 2009. After a terrorist attack, the US economy collapsed, and it turned into a third world country. A group of geneticists alter the DNA of children, turning them into universal soldiers. One of these genetically altered people is a girl named Max, who does not want to serve the government and escapes with some other allies.

Dark Angel lasted two seasons thanks to the chemistry between the characters. The duo of Max (Jessica Alba ) and Logan (Michael Weatherly) became the foundation of the entire series — together they told a touching love story.

8. Cabin by the Lake, 2000

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Successful screenwriter Stanley Caldwell is looking for a subject for his new script. He rents a house near a lake and begins to find inspiration by actually kidnapping and killing young women. He "collects" them right at the bottom of the lake.

Stanley often visits them underwater and dresses them up like dolls. One woman miraculously escapes death — she leads the police to the place where the bodies of all the women are. To catch the maniac, the police decide to place a doll with a video camera in its eye among the dead, but the idea fails when Stanley notices it. He manages to escape and takes the rescued woman captive again.

In this direct-to-TV horror film, Weatherly played the most positive character of them all — Sheriff Boone Preston.

9. The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, 1998-1999

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The 1994 mystical thriller The Crow is best remembered today for the tragedy that occurred on the set of the film — actor Brandon Lee, who played the lead role, was killed by an improperly prepared gun. However, the movie was interesting even without the tragic details, and it was not for nothing that the story was made into a TV series in 1998, starring Mark Dacascos.

The show had its fans, who found charm in the atmosphere, which was noticeably darker than the movie, but their joy was short-lived — the show was canceled after 22 episodes of the first season.

Michael Weatherly played the main villain of the last episode of the first season, A Gathering Storm — James Horton.