8 TV Shows Like Lost to Stream Before It Lands on Netflix

8 TV Shows Like Lost to Stream Before It Lands on Netflix
Image credit: Legion-Media, Netflix

You still have enough time left.

One of the reasons to keep a Netflix subscription is the upcoming addition of Lost. On July 1, one of the most mind-bending sci-fi TV series with the most famous and expensive pilot episode will be coming to the streamer with all 6 seasons available to binge-watch at once.

But if you're already missing the vibes, the mysteries, and the intensity of Lost, but can't wait until July, check out the list below and put your Netflix account to good use.

Dark (2017-2020)

As one of Netflix's most successful non-English titles, the sci-fi thriller Dark came to steal the hearts of viewers in Germany first. The show follows a mystery that begins with a modern timeline and a small town that has a sudden increase in cases of missing children.

From that point, a multi-generational investigation begins, with characters traveling through time from the 1950s to the 2050s. This series will be just as intriguing as Lost, and it will take all your willpower not to Google the explanations right away.

1899 (2022)

Created by the same team as Dark, this multilingual show explores another mystery. Beginning with the group of immigrants traveling from London to New York, the show ends up exploring the deepest and darkest secrets of the ocean that took people aboard but had no intention of letting them back on land.

The 100 (2014-2020)

Produced by The CW, The 100 follows a group of people who return to Earth a century after the nuclear catastrophe that plunged the world as we know it into the apocalypse. Now, the people sent back are trapped on a dangerous Earth, just as the heroes of Lost found themselves trapped on the island.

However, if Lost was a story of escape, The 100 is much more about survival.

The OA ( 2016-2019)

A Netflix Original, The OA is a two-season story about a mysterious woman who calls herself OA, which stands for Original Angel. Formerly Prairie Johnson, an adopted young woman who has been missing for 7 years, she returns home with fully restored eyesight and refuses to tell anyone what happened.

However, in secrecy from her parents and the FBI, OA recruits a crew of people to help her stop the portal to another dimension from opening and hurting humanity.

Stranger Things ( 2016-...)

If for some reason you haven't watched Stranger Things, now might be the best time to do so. The sci-fi horror show, set a few decades back, is a perfect match for Lost's brilliant writing and production values. Plus, the show is set to premiere its final episode in 2025, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch up before it's too late.

School Spirits (2023)

Even though the show is far from the premise of Lost, the intensity and quality of the production may still surprise you. Seemingly just another teen TV show that Netflix is known for, the show quickly takes a darker turn and has a young girl investigate her own disappearance from the afterlife.

Given the finale of Lost and the chilling truth behind the island, the afterlife may be just the subject you want to explore before jumping in.

Bodies (2023)

Bodies, a British sci-fi crime thriller, is another TV show that takes viewers through multiple time streams to investigate a mystery. When bodies appear simultaneously in 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053, at the same time and place, four Metropolitan Police detectives begin their investigation, not knowing what revelation will come their way.

Sense8 (2015-2018)

Just like in Lost, the group of people involved in the dangerous adventure were all strangers to each other. Each with their own struggles, passions and dreams, scattered across the globe, one day they gained the mind connection that brought them all together.

Although the show was a huge success, it was canceled early due to high production costs. However, it still holds up today and is likely to be as popular as Lost for years to come.