7 Non-Mainstream Harry Potter Facts That Feel Too Illegal to Be Canon, Ranked

7 Non-Mainstream Harry Potter Facts That Feel Too Illegal to Be Canon, Ranked
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Here is your daily dose of Harry Potter information you didn’t know or forgot about.

These seven facts (courtesy of Reddit) will blow your mind.

7. The Giant Squid Has the Worst Time in Hogwarts’ Black Lake

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Moaning Myrtle lets Harry in on a secret: she only goes to the lake if her toilet is unexpectedly flushed when she is still in there. This means that the toilets get emptied into the lake, which explains why the Giant Squid might’ve grown, well, so giant.

6. It’s Taken a Hurricane to Get Fudge to Pay His Workers a Living Wage

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Arthur accompanies Harry to his underage magic trial, which is when Harry sees the Ministry for the first time. At one point, Mr. Weasley shares a story about the employees of the Magical Maintenance department who have tortured the whole building with hurricanes for two months to get a pay rise. Seems like a legit tactic!

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5. Magical Marijuana Is a Thing in Harry Potter

In the same book, Mundungus, a sketchy bloke who turns out to be a thief later, is seen smoking a pipe, and the smoke is described as weird-smelling and green, which is why Molly is so against him smoking in her kitchen. It’s never been confirmed that Mundungus is smoking weed, but it’s pretty obvious.

4. Ludo Bagman Is a Proud Co-Owner of an Eel Farm

This ex-Beater may have gambled away quite a lot of gold, but at least he still has his shares in an eel farm. In the fourth book, Agatha Timms bets Bagman half the shares in her eel farm on 1994’s Quidditch World Cup lasting a week, and she loses, making Ludo a co-owner of her fine establishment.

3. Hedwig Has Always Been a Sassy Badass

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Harry’s pet owl doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Not only has she been his loyal friend and given her life to protect him, but she has also been the ultimate animal version of grumpy Snape, especially when Ron’s Pig shows up and Hedwig just can’t stand him at the beginning. Remember when she showed Pig how a professional owl acts by standing super-still when Harry was giving her his letter? Priceless!

2. Percy’s Cauldron Report Has Led to Voldemort’s Resurrection

When Percy gets hired as Barty Crouch Senior’s assistant, he takes his job very seriously. At one point, he is tasked with writing up a report on cauldron bottom thickness, likely around the time his boss is placed under his son’s Imperius Curse. So if you think about it, Barty Crouch Junior may have used Percy’s work to get Voldemort a proper cauldron for his resurrection ceremony. It’s a bit of a stretch, but isn’t it the funniest thing to think about?

1. Mad-Eye Is the Only Wizard Who’s Seen a Boggart’s True Form

Mad-Eye’s magical eye has all sorts of fun powers, including seeing through walls, sometimes clothes, and furniture. In the books, Alastor uses his eye to check for boggarts in locked cabinets in Sirius’ house, which means that he could’ve seen the creatures in their true (and vulnerable) form without them seeing him!

Source: Reddit