7 New Netflix Releases You Can’t Miss This February

7 New Netflix Releases You Can’t Miss This February
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For those who don’t celebrate Valentine's Day.


  • Netflix is a streaming service that rotates content by adding and removing certain films and TV shows from the library to optimize the experience.
  • In February 2024, among all others, Netflix announced the addition of David Ayer’s Fury.
  • Some other titles include Pacific Rim, The Great Gatsby, and Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

Though action and war movies aren't exactly the genres you'd expect to see in Netflix's February catalog, the streamer is set to make all cinephiles extremely happy next month with a whole slew of new movies, none of which fit the St. Valentine's Day romantic movie quota.

So, if you're not planning to spend the whole month celebrating love, but you do want to celebrate great cinematography and brilliant acting, make sure your Netflix subscription is active and ready, and pop some popcorn for at least a few great movie nights.

What’s Coming To Netflix In February 2024

One of the most notable movies that will be available on Netflix starting February 1, 2024, is, of course, Fury.

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Directed by David Ayer, the movie features amazing acting from the entire cast, including Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, and Jon Bernthal, and takes its audience right back to the 40s, right in the middle of the European theater of World War II. The movie was a huge critical and commercial success, so it would be worth your time.

Other movies that would be available on the very same day are Guillermo del Toro ’s sci-fi action masterpiece Pacific Rim, and, way more lighthearted, yet very much loved Magic Mike’s Last Dance, which just premiered in 2023.

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Another Hollywood A-Lister that would make it to Netflix on January 1st would be Leonardo DiCaprio, along with Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, in a 2013 historical romantic drama The Great Gatsby. Perhaps, that may be your choice, if you still allow some romance into your life this February.

Though there are many great films that you won’t want to miss on Netflix in February, the streamer is also adding and updating quite a few TV shows to keep the viewers hooked.

For example, you will be able to stream the 1st season of The Tourist, starring Jamie Dornan, and the 6th season of CBS hit sitcom Young Sheldon. The latter one would come in handy for all the fans who want to freshen up their memory of the show before season 7 premieres on February 15.

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All fans of reality would surely be glad to see the 6th season of Love Is Blind added to the collection.

Tune in to Netflix this February and make sure to keep an eye out to not miss all the premieres coming your way this Spring!