6 Panic-Inducing Horror Gems Guaranteed to Spike Your Heart Rate

6 Panic-Inducing Horror Gems Guaranteed to Spike Your Heart Rate
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Your late-night marathon can now become much creepier!

Horrors are movies for the brave ones, yes, but some of the scary tales can feel too real even for the genre veterans. If you like to tickle your nerves and to pump your adrenaline, we have a perfect list of must-see horrors for you, handpicked by Reddit.

1. mother! (2017)

“This was the one that made my husband stop going to the movies with me. Poor guy had a literal panic attack in the theater,” says Redditor SoniaByNight.

The twisted story about a mysterious couple is really a hard watch for an unprepared viewer.

2. Beau Is Afraid (2023)

Next is Joaquin Phoenix-starring masterpiece that follows a paranoiac on his surreal odyssey to get to his mother’s funeral. By blending tragicomedy and horror elements, this movie scares you by its chilling atmosphere you’ll remember long after watching.

3. The Descent (2005)

Focusing on six women who end up in an uncharted cave system and try to survive against the humanoid monster creatures inside, this must-see flick can really rob you of sleep.

“I didn't have claustrophobia. I did after I watched it,” claims Redditor tommybare.

4. Eden Lake (2008)

Starring Michael Fassbender, this horror-thriller tells the story of a couple who decide to spend their honeymoon at a remote lake, only to find out they are surrounded by hostile locals. It exploits people’s fear of the unknown, artfully playing with it.

5. Green Room (2015)

“That movie is the closest I've felt to real panic like a nightmare but in real life,” confesses Redditor ThENeEd4WeEd22.

Set in a green room, just like the title implies, this unique horror follows a punk band who find themselves attacked by neo-Nazis.

6. The Hunt (2020)

Finally, we have a satirical gem that can still creep you out more than the majority of horror flicks. The story about a group of working class people who end up being hunted by the rich ones is full of gore, unexpected deaths and unhinged details.

Source: Reddit