6 New Christmas Movies to Stream on Disney Plus in December 2023

6 New Christmas Movies to Stream on Disney Plus in December 2023
Image credit: Disney+

Get the popcorn and hot chocolate. It’s finally Christmas movie time!

Christmas time means movie time. And you just know the magic and sparkle of Disney is going to help make any movie truly Christmassy.

Here are 6 new Christmas movies available on Disney Plus this December:

1. Dashing Through the Snow

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 73%

As a child, Eddie Garrick fell out of love with Christmas after a Santa he met in a mall later burgled his house. All Eddie had asked for from Santa was that his parents stay together. But even that didn’t happen.

Now an adult with a daughter of his own, Eddie has skipped the last-minute Christmas shopping to feed a neighbour’s cat. While doing so, he meets a man who claims to be the real Santa. Initially dismissive, as events unfold, Eddie realises the man might be telling the truth.

2. The Naughty Nine

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 74%

It’s not often you see a Christmas movie about the kids on the naughty list. But that’s what this film is all about.

Andy Steele is a fifth-grade student who has not been good throughout the year and finds himself on Santa’s naughty list. But he’s not alone. There are 8 others just like him. And they’re all feeling pretty hard done by.

So, do they try to amend their ways and switch to the good list? No. They hatch a plan to break into Santa’s Village and steal the presents they believe should be theirs.

3. Christmas with Walt Disney

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 83%

If you want to know what Christmas was like in the Walt Disney household, this is the movie for you. Featuring a selection of Disney family home movies and excerpts from Christmas films over the years, it’s a glimpse into the life of Walt.

Originally aired in 2009, the film includes Christmas memories from Walt Disney’s daughter Diane who sadly passed in 2013. Until now, viewings were exclusive to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

Be sure to stay for the end credits where you’ll be treated to some vintage Walt Disney Studio Christmas cards.

4. The Shepherd

Rotten Tomatoes Score: TBD

Based on the Frederick Forsyth novella of the same name, this movie captures the spirit of Christmas perfectly. Set in 1943, a young fighter pilot is given leave to return home on Christmas Eve.

When his plane runs into a multiple instrument failure, he’s left relying on a miracle to rescue him. John Travolta stars alongside Ben Radcliffe in a tale of hope over adversity.

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever

Rotten Tomatoes Score: TBD

With Christmas fast approaching, Greg Heffley is desperately trying to be good. It’s the only way he’ll get the video game system he so desperately wants. But he just can’t keep out of trouble.

Along with his friend Rowley, Greg manages to send a giant snowball down the hill that (ironically) damages Gabby’s snow plough. Nobody knows Greg and Rowley are responsible for the damage, but Greg fears he may have left evidence behind.

When a blizzard comes and snows everybody in, he’s unable to go and remove said evidence before someone else finds it. Not knowing what’s happening outside, Greg has no idea whether his crime will be revealed – or whether he’ll get his games system.

6. Doctor Who Holiday Special: The Church on Ruby Road

Rotten Tomatoes Score: TBD

After David Tennant’s brief reprisal of the role, Ncuti Gatwa takes over as the 15th doctor for the Christmas special. And he soon meets his new companion Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson.

Reverting to its previous spot on the Christmas viewing calendar, the new story (which remains under wraps for the time being) will be screened on BBC on Christmas Day and simultaneously released on Disney Plus.