5 Upcoming Sequels No One Believed Would Ever Happen

5 Upcoming Sequels No One Believed Would Ever Happen
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These sequels prove that even fans' wildest dreams can come true.

Sequels are not a surprise to anyone, but rather a common practice in Hollywood. If the first movie does well at the box office, there's a good chance a sequel will be made.

However, no one expected that these particular sequels would ever be in development.

Saw X

It was recently announced that filming on Saw X has been completed. No one believed that the franchise would have another movie due to the failure of the last few installments.

Saw X will see the return of madman John Kramer, nicknamed Jigsaw, and his student Amanda Young. The characters died in the third Saw, so the events of the movie will take place in the past.

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Constantine 2

The long-awaited Constantine sequel starring Keanu Reeves is still in development, but has been given the green light in the late 2022.

Most likely, this decision was made due to the fact that Keanu received huge popularity thanks to the John Wick franchise, and the filmmakers are hoping to repeat that success.

Bettlejuice 2

It seemed that the fans would never see the continuation of the story of Beetlejuice, when in May 2023 it was announced that filming had begun, and even the Hollywood writers strike did not become an obstacle.

Jenna Ortega will play the main role of Lydia's daughter. Winona Ryder will also return to her role, the evil spirit will again be played by Michael Keaton with Tim Burton as the director.

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Shrek 5

In December 2022, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish was released, hinting that Puss in Boots would be reunited with Shrek, Fiona and Donkey in Shrek 5.

Moreover, Antonio Banderas himself made it clear that he will be voicing Puss in Boots for Shrek 5.

It has also been confirmed that discussions are currently taking place with the actors who have provided the voices of the central characters in the franchise.

So, Mike Myers may voice Shrek again with Cameron Diaz as Fiona and Eddie Murphy as Donkey.

Gladiator 2

The plot of the new movie directed by Ridley Scott will tell the story of Lucius, the nephew of Emperor Commodus, who was saved by Maximus. The rest of the plot details are being kept under wraps.

Russell Crowe has confirmed that his character will not appear in Gladiator 2, which takes place many years after the death of the original film's protagonist. Paramount has set a release date for Gladiator 2 – November 22, 2024.

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