5 Unique X-Men Who Could Shake Up the MCU Big Time

5 Unique X-Men Who Could Shake Up the MCU Big Time
Image credit: Marvel

After Avengers: Secret Wars, the MCU will receive a much-needed soft reboot. Most likely, it will shift the focus on X-Men — and boy do we have some suggestions!

5. Glob

With over a dozen years of Avengers’ domination, the MCU has to not only introduce a new core superhero team but also show real change. Luckily, the X-Men have an entire roster of original and often freakily unsettling mutants in its roster some of whom we will cover in this list. And who’s better to start it than Glob Herman himself?

When we say “change,” you don’t picture a skeleton with exposed organs who’s trapped inside tender-pink living wax, do you? Yet, that’s exactly what Glob Herman looks like, and he’s a real charmer. There are few mutants as unorthodox as Glob, and we’re very much down for the MCU’s on-screen biology classes with this one.

4. Maggott

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If you somehow thought Glob Herman was gross, we have a better one for you. Exposed bones and organs are one thing, but how about someone housing two giant creepy-looking slugs inside of their body that actively crawl out as commanded? Enter Maggott — a unique specimen of a mutant with no digestive system. At all.

For Maggott, the slugs his body contains are his detachable digestive system: when he wishes so, they pop out, consume whatever and whoever, and then return to him, increasing Maggott’s abilities and nourishing him. Gross or not, the real question is whether his movie would be grossing at the box office, and we’d totally pay for that.

3. Vange

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Evangeline Whedon aka Vange couldn’t make it into Game of Thrones, so she instead became Game of Thrones herself. Who needs to watch CGI dragons when you can turn into a dragon, anyway? Yeap, you heard it right: as unexpected as it sounds, Vange’s primary ability is literally a dragon form. How cool is that, people?

The bad news is that to activate her power, Vange needs a trigger. The good news is that her trigger is blood. Pretty handy considering that, despite her unique abilities, Vange is of flesh and blood like the rest of us, so she merely needs to carry a knife on her at all times. We’re willing to trade Avengers for a dragon any time of the day.

2. Lifeguard

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Most mutant and superhero abilities could be used both for good and evil purposes, but not Lifeguard’s. Her name may sound underwhelming, but when you’re in danger, you’ll be happy if she’s the one coming to your rescue. Why? Because if Lifeguard needs to save someone, she can’t screw it up thanks to her power.

Lifeguard’s ability only kicks in when someone is in trouble, making her transform into whatever could save the endangered person’s life. Are you drowning? She’s inflatable. Are you burning? She’s watery. Are you on the verge of being crushed by heavy industrial machinery? Her body is uncrushable. 10/10 lifeguard services.

1. Marrow

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After Vange and Lifeguard, you might have thought that we were done with gross mutants — but we saved the best one for last. Marrow’s powers certainly cross the line between all-ages and need-parents-consent movies because get that: she can control the growth of her bones, producing and shaping the matter as she wishes.

Marrow creates bone armor, weapons, projectiles, shields, and anything else she needs to kick someone’s bottom in mere seconds, making her an invaluable tool provider…considering you need bone instruments, that is. But apart from that, she’s super fun to be around on Halloween — if you’re not terrified of exposed bones.