5 Unhinged Crime Miniseries to Watch on Netflix After Eric

5 Unhinged Crime Miniseries to Watch on Netflix After Eric
Image credit: Netflix

Be ready to binge-watch these ones!

Benedict Cumberbatch ’s new six-part series that follows a desperate father in search of his missing son is now dominating Netflix ’s global chart, topping even the hyped third season of Bridgerton. It proves people’s never-ending interest in chilling crime stories.

Here are 5 miniseries that are similar to Eric and available for streaming on Netflix too.

1. Safe (2018)

This British miniseries is reminiscent of Eric more than others, as it also follows a father who has his child vanished from home. The show is led by the Dexter star, Michael C. Hall, who portrays a widowed surgeon whose daughter is missing.

Just like Eric, it blends a dark mystery story, full of intrigue and deception, with deep psychological drama of the protagonist, who devotes himself entirely to searching for his closest person.

2. The Snow Girl (2023)

Next comes a show that also focuses on the search for a missing child. Here we see a young journalist who is determined to find a girl who disappeared during the traditional parade in Málaga, Spain. Her investigation and the advances of a police detective move them forward towards uncovering the shocking truth and the secrets of the past.

3. The Asunta Case (2024)

Here is another Spanish series, but this time it speaks about the loss of a child from quite a different angle. Based on the real-life events, it starts by showing the parents of Asunta Basterra, who report her missing. The girl’s body is then found on a road near Santiago de Compostela, and the obstacles of her death seem extremely strange.

4. White Lines (2020)

Created by the Money Heist father, Álex Pina, this mystery show centers on Zoe, whose brother is found dead in Ibiza. The point is he went missing 20 years earlier and all that time he was working as a DJ there. That’s why Zoe embarks on a journey to the notorious island, and it promises a lot of sex, drugs, as well as the darkest discoveries.

5. Dear Child (2023)

Last entry in today’s list is a German miniseries that follows a young woman who was missing for 14 years. She is found with a little girl whom she calls a daughter. However, while the police interrogate the scared girl, a bitter truth lies behind their shared past.