5 TV Shows With Openings So Good You Never Want to Skip Them

5 TV Shows With Openings So Good You Never Want to Skip Them
Image credit: Fox

It would be a crime to even try.

Whether you like the show or not depends on many factors, including the quality of the writing and acting. However, there is one thing that can make viewers enjoy something a little more than they already do: a catchy opening song.

A good intro will stay with everyone watching for the rest of their day and will be forever associated with the show. A good intro is the one intro that cannot be skipped.

Here are five TV shows with opening songs that may be even better than the rest of the series.


There's something so nostalgic and heartwarming about the upbeat song that starts every episode of Cheers that it's impossible to just skip it. Besides, it's just a lot more fun to sing your heart out to Where Everybody Knows Your Name than it is to sit in silence.

Doctor Who

Although the intro has changed quite a bit over the 60 years of the show's run, that is exactly what makes it so interesting. Seeing how the Time Vortex, the TARDIS, the music and the graphics change with each new era is just as fascinating as the action that comes right after the song.

House M.D.

Watch out, not every streaming service has the one and only correct intro to House M.D., featuring Massive Attack's single Teardrop. The song is iconic in the band's history, as it was the only single to reach the top ten in the UK. However, it was made even more popular by House M.D. several years after its initial release.


This song is proof that anything can be scary if you put the right tune to it. Although the images in the opening do not make much sense and do not evoke much horror, the song definitely helps the audience to get into the right mood before watching Agents Scully and Mulder investigate another supernatural case.

Good Omens

This opening is great thanks to a combination of wonderful animation that perfectly represents the main characters and a catchy tune that you won't be able to stop humming for at least a few days. Again, the show changed the visuals for its second season, but the song stayed the same.