5 Shows That Were Excellent From Start to Finish

5 Shows That Were Excellent From Start to Finish
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Time to binge them once again.

There are many things that can make a viewer start watching a particular show. For example, if the cast includes their favorite actors, or if the plot revolves around something extremely interesting or mysterious. Or the simplest thing: the show's story is just relatable enough.

But getting viewers hooked is not the hardest part, keeping them involved until the end is. It's also a known fact that creating a perfect finale for a well-run show is something that only a few creators have ever managed to do.

So here we have a list of 5 series that started out great and continued that way until the end.

1. Chernobyl (2019)

This miniseries is one of the few shows that keeps you invested in literally every scene there is. The gripping images that are followed by a suspenseful, bone-chilling music just make it impossible for the viewers to turn away from the screen even though everything that is happening there is worse than a horror.

Focusing on one of the most devastating nuclear disasters in human history, Chernobyl tells the story of the massive explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in northern Ukraine. Although you can predict what happens next (well, if you have at least a little history knowledge), the creators have done an excellent job of twisting the story.

2. The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

A lot of horror fans name this Netflix 's series the first great horror TV show ever. And there are many reasons why they value the series so highly. The series is based on Shirley Jackson's novel of the same name and is created by Mike Flanagan.

The show starts off strong, but as the story unfolds, we see that Flanagan has no problem putting the main characters, a group of siblings, through numerous physical and emotional tortures. The story is told in different time dimensions, which just adds mystery to the gripping story of the most famous haunted house in the country.

3. Derry Girls ( 2018-2022)

Just finished Bridgerton season 3 and already miss Nicola Coughlan? We have something even better for you! Derry Girls is a British historical teen sitcom set in Northern Ireland that revolves around five teenage girls (one of them played by Coughlan) living in Derry in the mid-1990s while attending Our Lady Immaculate College.

“Derry Girls is one of the best comedies I have ever seen. Now that the series has ended, I wanted to put it out there for anyone who might want to check it out. The casting is so perfect, each character is unique and hilarious in their own right. Since it is set during the 90s in Ireland, there is a perfect mix of comedy and drama,” Redditor OdinMead said.

4. The Good Place ( 2016-2020)

Another example of a beautifully crafted series is The Good Place. The show follows four people with questionable personalities who have died under bizarre circumstances and ended up in the parallel world, which they thought was a heaven-like place. Soon they realize though that they are actually in Hell…

After the first major twist of the story was revealed, it was important for the creators to keep the fans involved and not lose interest in the show. And they really did a good job of keeping the fans invested and then creating an amazing, all-powerful finale that landed the show on this list.

5. Breaking Bad ( 2008-2013)

No need to introduce you to the plot of this legendary series. Right? There's hardly a person who hasn't heard of chemistry teacher Walter White and his former student Jesse Pinkman's drug empire.

The show lasted for five seasons, and each of them has its own storyline that lies above the main one. In the end, all the characters got what they deserved, making Breaking Bad's finale one of the greatest in American television history.