5 Shows Like Beef If You Enjoy Short Episodes

5 Shows Like Beef If You Enjoy Short Episodes
Image credit: HBO, FX, Apple TV+, Hulu, BBC One, Netflix

You don't always need long hours to tell an interesting story.

Everybody knows that an average sitcom episode is about 25 minutes long, and the more serious stuff has 40 minutes and more per episode. Sometimes we even get several 2-hour episodes, usually at the end of the season.

However, there seems to be a tendency to shorten the length of episodes even in dramas or action shows, and fans think it's a good thing after watching, for example, Beef.

So here are 5 more series you need to check out.

1. Barry

The series focuses on the life of a hit man named Barry, who was depressed about his job and decided to leave the Midwest and move to LA for a better life.

There he somehow got involved in acting and realized that he wanted to be an actor. But it seems that his past will not let him go so easily.

2. Mr Inbetween

The show is about a man named Ray Shoesmith, a hitman who also has to juggle several other social statuses like father, friend, brother and a few others.

The show follows our main character as he tries to keep all aspects of his life in order, because being a criminal doesn't mean you should give up on romance, right? The series is filled with dark humor and outlandish conversations.

3. Shrinking

One of the most recent AppleTV+ shows to become a hit is Shrinking. Although it's not a sitcom, but rather a dramedy, the show also has 30-minute episodes.

The series follows Jimmy, a psychologist who has lost his wife and the meaning of his life. Shrinking shows us his journey of becoming his true self again through the help he provides to his patients.

4. The Bear

The Bear, the show that made Jeremy Allen White an Internet phenomenon, tells the story of a young chef from the world of fine dining who comes back to Chicago to run his family's sandwich shop after a terrible death in the family.

The 30-minute episodes are packed with so much action that you will find it impossible to look away from the screen until you have completed the entire season.

5. Fleabag

The iconic series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a must-see, and having 30-minute episodes is only 1/100th of all the reasons. This show is unlike anything we've ever seen on screen, and that's what makes it so special.

It's full of tough humor and drama, it's both relatable and something you want to turn off right away. The show just evokes so many emotions in you that it's impossible to resist.