5 Reasons Our Flag Means Death Cancelation Was a Mistake We'll Never Forgive 

5 Reasons Our Flag Means Death Cancelation Was a Mistake We'll Never Forgive 
Image credit: Max, HBO Max

Our Flag Means Death was a thrilling pirate show. It seems that Max didn’t think so.

Our Flag Means Death is a perfect example of a good romantic comedy with a bittersweet twist of drama. Taika Waititi says it's the culmination of the best things he's ever done.

But that did not stop Max from cancelling the show after the second season, much to the surprise of the fans.

Who knows, maybe one day we will see a continuation of the adventures of Stede Bonnet in one form or another, but for now we recall why this show earned the unconditional love of the viewers and why Max received well-deserved criticism for canceling this brilliant project.

1. Our Flag Means Death Returned the Pirates to Their Former Glory

Making a show about pirates in 2022 was not the most obvious idea. The last significant projects about the sea wolves were released more than six years ago: the fourth season of Black Sails and the fifth part of Pirates of the Caribbean.

This project was a big step forward for on-screen pirates. Our Flag Means Death shows the perfect pirates of the new era – crazy, funny and unexpectedly vulnerable. They are no longer sea cowboys or rock stars, but escapists hiding from the world in illusions.

2. It Was a Thrilling Story Based on True Events

Stede Bonnet's life is not the invention of screenwriter David Jenkins, but is a real historical fact.

At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, there was an aristocrat, who one day got tired of his life, and went to explore the seas. And yes, he really knew Blackbeard well and served on his ship.

But Jenkins and Waititi use facts only as a basis for the plot. The creators take advantage of the fact that we don't know much about the real life of pirates.

In their interpretation, Stede runs away from home not out of everyday boredom – he runs away from a society where he does not fit in, where spouses are chosen by social status, and his passion for ships is buried under the gray routine.

3. It Was Taika Waititi at His Absolute Best

Taika Waititi didn't write Our Flag Means Death, but it's clear why he was drawn to David Jenkins' script.

The story is very much in his spirit – he loves to make movies where the cruel reality is shown through the eyes of a child or a kidult, like in Jojo Rabbit or Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Thanks to this, the comedy about pirates has a deeper drama than most other shows.

4. The Show Was a Perfect Mix of Comedy and Drama

Comedic scenes in Our Flag Means Death are intertwined with extremely serious dramatic episodes – and the latter often come without any warning.

At one point, the characters are arguing about what should be on their flag. The next moment, the viewer is suddenly plunged into a heartbreaking flashback from Stede's childhood, and there is absolutely nothing to laugh about.

5. Taika Waititi’s Blackbeard Was One of the Best Pirates On Screen

Taika Waititi's Blackbeard is both terrifying and touching. He once wore the mask of a fearsome pirate and is now forced to maintain his reputation, even though deep down all he wants is love and comfort.

Over the course of the show, he gradually transforms from a purely comedic character into a tragic figure.

Blackbeard introduces a duality to the series: it turns out that not only living in an aristocratic mansion, but also living the life of a pirate legend can be exhausting.