5 New Comedies On Netflix That You Probably Missed Out

5 New Comedies On Netflix That You Probably Missed Out
Image credit: Netflix

In case anybody here is in need of a good laugh.

Netflix is one of the biggest and most successful streaming platforms out there and its library is updated almost every day. The new movies and series are of high quality and always end up on the top lists.

However, since the industry is full of many movies of different genres, sometimes we tend to skip some of them for different reasons. For example, if the name of the movie tells us nothing and sounds strange, or if we never heard of it before (bad marketing alert).

So here are five perfect comedies that were released on Netflix last year but you probably missed them.

1. Family Switch

What can be better than a good old body-switch comedy? We are sure that you will enjoy this one like we did. At the center of the story there's a family of the Walkers which includes parents and two teenage kids. One morning they just woke up with their bodies changed.

And now their lives get so messy because of how they all are unable to deal with each other's problems. There’s a lot on the plate: a promotion, college interview, record deal, and soccer tryout. Will they manage to survive the switch, and most importantly, will they get their souls back?

2. Leo

For all the cartoon lovers out there, if you missed this movie, don't hesitate to tune in right now to watch it, we guarantee you will have a great time at the end. The main character of the cartoon is an old and grumpy lizard named Leo, who is surrounded by his school-pet friends. For decades, Leo has lived in the same classroom and spent no time outdoors. But it seems that the time has finally come.

3. They Cloned Tyrone

This comedy will also be a good fit for science fiction fans, as it revolves around three friends trying to unravel a chain of mysterious events, if not a conspiracy. It all begins when Fontaine, a criminal drug dealer, wakes up alive the next day after being shot.

Fans of the movie mention the brilliant performances of the cast and the gripping writing with many plot twists that will not only make you laugh but also leave you wanting more.

4. You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah

The movie that will simply warm your heart is definitely this one. The first reason is the fact that Adam Sandler plays with his daughters there and we have the chance to see the real family acting as if they were related on screen. Produced by Sandler himself, the movie is a coming-of-age comedy that actually deals with serious issues like friendship and betrayal.

5. Poison

When you hear that something is made by Wes Anderson, you want to turn it on, and when you hear that Benedict Cumberbatch is in it, you run to your TV or computer so you don't miss it. The short film is about an English man in India whose stomach has gone bad. But the reason is... the snake that somehow got inside him. And now the doctors and his assistant will do everything to save him.