5 New Christmas Movies Released in 2023 Coming to Prime in December

5 New Christmas Movies Released in 2023 Coming to Prime in December
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The 8th of December brings five fantastic new Christmas movies to Amazon Prime Video.

Here are 5 movies to get you in the holiday spirit.

Dating Santa (2023)

Lucia, a single mother, cherishes Christmas because she believes her daughter Leo is a miracle granted by a wish from Santa. One night, Lucia goes on a blind date with Sergio, a famous chef and despite the immediate sparks between them, Lucia decides to wait a year before introducing Sergio to Leo. When Sergio shows up at Lucia's door dressed as Santa, she panics and tells Leo that he is actually Santa.

Leo is Santa's number one fan, so decides to test Sergio's abilities to prove that he is the real Santa. Eventually, Sergio wins Leo's heart through a truly magical Christmas experience.

Dealing with Christmas (2023)

Coming soon to Amazon Prime is an exciting and hilarious Christmas comedy film titled Dealing with Christmas, featuring the talented Eric Judor and Ragnar le Breton. The story begins on Christmas Eve, when a young girl finds herself feeling lonely as her father, who works as a cop, has to leave her home alone. She makes a heartfelt wish to Santa asking if her favourite Christmas movie character could be her real dad.

Miraculously, Santa grants her wish, causing a magical switch between her dad and the kind man from the movie. Now, they must navigate each other's lives and learn valuable lessons along the way, all in the hopes of returning to their original roles before Christmas arrives.

Merry Little Batman ( 2023)

Warner Bros. Animation is set to produce a Christmas special called Merry Little Batman, which is based on DC Comics' Batman comics. Originally scheduled to premiere on Cartoon Network during the 2023 holiday season as part of the ACME Night block, the special has now been acquired by Amazon Studios for their Prime Video platform.

This animated family action comedy follows the story of six-year-old Damian Wayne, who must become 'Little Batman' to protect Wayne Manor and Gotham City from the villains and criminals who want to ruin Christmas.

World's First Christmas (2023)

The Amazon Original studios have one last surprise for Christmas enthusiasts - the World's First Christmas. This Brazilian production, available for streaming from December 8, follows the story of a family who must restore the joy and traditions of Christmas for the world after one of their children inadvertently makes a wish that erases it from existence.

World's First Christmas is a heartwarming tale that showcases the importance of family, love, and the holiday spirit. The film takes viewers on a journey as the family embarks on a mission to bring back the magic of Christmas, encountering various obstacles along the way. With its unique storyline and Brazilian setting, World's First Christmas promises to be a refreshing addition to the holiday movie lineup. So gather your loved ones, grab some hot cocoa, and get ready to experience the wonder of Christmas all over again with this delightful film.

Your Christmas Or Mine 2 (2023)

Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk make a comeback in an exciting follow-up to the popular 2022 Prime Original, Your Christmas or Mine. This time, Lord Humphrey sends an invitation to the Taylors to spend Christmas at a lavish ski resort in the breathtaking French Alps. He plans to introduce his new American girlfriend to the rest of the Taylors. However, things take an unexpected turn when Hayley's father, Geoff, takes charge of the booking arrangements for his family.

After a mix-up with transportation at the airport both families find themselves staying in each other's accommodations, situated on opposite sides of the valley. To make matters even more amusing, their lodgings are at opposite ends of the Tripadvisor ratings scale. This hilarious mix-up sets the stage for a series of comedic and heartwarming moments as the families navigate their unexpected holiday adventure.