5 Most Toxic Sitcom Couples Of All Time

5 Most Toxic Sitcom Couples Of All Time
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They were as far from a perfect love story as they could be.

While there are many couples on sitcoms that make you wish you had their kind of love, there are just as many horrible ones. From condescending jokes to outright humiliation, cheating, and intrigue, these people were so bad for each other that they left viewers wondering why they got together in the first place.

Here are the top five sitcom couples so bad you don't even want to laugh at them.

Rory and Dean (Gilmore Girls )

It all started out as a beautiful teenage romance but ended up as a sordid tale of cheating and lying to each other and those around them. Dean was never right for Rory, and his character always had a lot of red flags, but they're easy to overlook at a young age. At least these relationships led to some growth.

Ross and Rachel (Friends)

Ross and Rachel are a perfect example of two incompatible people stuck in the same cycle of problems. Unfortunately, without Ross admitting his jealousy and working on himself, and Rachel getting rid of her need for constant attention from everyone and everything she knows, this relationship could never work for long.

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Kelly and Ryan (The Office )

It's hard to even call these two a couple, thanks to the number of make-ups and break-ups they've gone through. Both highly manipulative and competitive, they turned what should have been something sweet and nice for them to enjoy into a "who can hurt whom worse" fest. From a fake pregnancy to an uncertain marriage proposal, Kelly and Ryan were a complete mess.

Ted and Robin (How I Met Your Mother )

Unfortunately, there was one show before Game of Thrones that managed to absolutely ruin its fans with its finale, and that's How I Met Your Mother. While the show alluded to the idea of Ted and Robin ending up together, it was very clear that she wasn't interested in him and he wasn't right for her. And yet, that is exactly what happened in the disappointing finale.

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Jackie and Kelso (That 70's Show)

A relationship filled with bullying and cheating is one that should never have happened in the first place. Even though they were both pretty horrible to each other and kind of balanced each other out, their relationship felt like it was setting a pretty horrible example for everyone watching.