5 Most Loved Doctor Who Episodes, Ranked By IMDb Users

5 Most Loved Doctor Who Episodes, Ranked By IMDb Users
Image credit: BBC

These are the top episodes to rewatch if you're in a timey-wimey mood.

Doctor Who has certainly changed the lives of many people, introducing them to the beauty of the sci-fi genre from an early age.

Although the show has always been considered a friendly family genre, it contains enough horror, drama and clever political comedy to keep even the most reluctant adults entertained.

If you're looking to re-watch some of Doctor Who's best episodes, look no further: here are the top 5 episodes rated with the highest scores by IMDb users.

5. Vincent and the Doctor (S5E10) – 9.3

One of the most heartbreaking episodes in the entire show, which tackles mental health in the most beautiful way.

An episode featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and his companion Amy Pond, who travels with him to visit Vincent Van Gogh.

4. Silence in the Library (S4E8) – 9.3

The first part of the two-parter with David Tennant's Tenth Doctor visiting the largest library in the universe with his companion Donna Noble.

The episode was praised not only for being extremely scary, but also for the first appearance of River Song, another Doctor Who mystery for viewers to solve.

3. Forest of the Dead (S4E9) – 9.4

The second part surpasses the first thanks to the very emotional finale, extremely bittersweet and even more confusing for the viewers.

The Doctor saves the day once again, but the ending doesn't feel final for a very good reason, which you will have to find out for yourself.

2. Heaven Sent (S9E11) – 9.6

This episode not only shows Peter Capaldi 's excellent acting skills, but also the level of emotion the Doctor usually keeps to himself. He's scared, he's lonely, he's lost, and he's almost ready to give up, which is not how we're used to seeing him.

1. Blink (S3E10) – 9.8

If you watched this episode the moment it came out on TV when you were young, you are probably still suffering from the nightmares the Weeping Angels gave you.

Although it is brilliantly written and directed, it is also one of the scariest episodes in the entire show.