5 MCU Villains Who Were Completely Wasted By Poor Writing

5 MCU Villains Who Were Completely Wasted By Poor Writing
Image credit: Walt Disney

Even the worst villains of all deserve justice.

It's easy to name your favorite hero, but it can be much harder to name your favorite villain. While some antagonists were given a lot of screen time and opportunities to explore their characters, others were treated much worse and ended up being very forgettable.

Here are 5 MCU villains who were terrifying enough to impress any viewer, but fell victim to poor writing or a lack of screen time.


Not only was this a complete waste of a character, it was also a waste of Christopher Eccleston as an MCU actor. As talented as ever, the actor was limited by the direction, which clearly made him more tame than in the comics. If the movie had stuck closer to the source material, fans believe Malekith would have been much more impressive.


Another actor who managed to steal every scene he was in, even though his character was reduced to a plot device. Many feel that he should have been given more screen time as Black Panther's nemesis, but ended up being completely wasted.

Gorr The God Butcher

There are not many great things to say about Thor: Love and Thunder, but Christian Bale 's portrayal of Gorr has to be one of the best things about the whole movie. Many people sided with him and saw him as the protagonist instead of the villain, so the way his importance and powers were diminished in the movie is totally unacceptable.

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker

Many feel that von Strucker did not deserve to be killed by Ultron, as he could have easily become a recurring villain to haunt the Avengers. Unfortunately, his role was greatly reduced and he didn't really feel like the powerful villain he really was.


You can't invite Mads Mikkelsen to play a supervillain and expect people to buy into the fact that he's just a bad guy. As unfortunate as it is, many fans agree that Kaecilius' motives weren't really explored and explained, and he lacked any of the depth that was present in his original comic book story.