5 Jaw-Dropping Cameos That Took Viewers Completely By Surprise

5 Jaw-Dropping Cameos That Took Viewers Completely By Surprise
Image credit: New Line Cinema, Columbia Pictures

These unexpected appearances made many fans burst out laughing at how bizarre they were.

Seeing a familiar face in a movie is almost always fun, especially when it is in a totally unexpected and perfectly executed cameo.

So here are five hilarious cameo appearances that took viewers completely by surprise.

Brad Pitt - Deadpool 2 (2018)

When Wade Wilson begins assembling his own team of unstoppable heroes known as X-Force, one of the candidates turns out to be the completely invisible Vanisher. The audience is kept in the dark as to whether the character even exists until the entire team meets their untimely end during a parachute landing. And for a brief moment, as the Vanisher dies from electrocution, we finally saw that he was actually portrayed by none other than Brad Pitt himself.

Ryan Reynolds - Bullet Train (2022)

It was time to return the favor after Deadpool 2, and when the identity of the mysterious Carver, who was suddenly replaced by Brad Pitt's Ladybug just before the events of the movie, was finally revealed, he appeared to be played by Reynolds in a hilarious scene.

Tom Cruise - Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Goldmember may not be the best movie in the Austin Powers trilogy, but it definitely had an incredibly memorable opening scene. After an unusually action-packed sequence, we are introduced out of nowhere to the fact that the International Man of Mystery is played by Tom Cruise instead of Mike Myers for some reason. However, this is quickly explained as a movie within a movie directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg.

Johnny Depp - 21 Jump Street (2012)

Not everyone who went to see this 2012 comedy knew that it was actually an adaptation of a 1987-1991 TV show of the same name, but the creators had a special surprise for the old fans. Out of nowhere, Johnny Depp, who starred in the original, appeared as an undercover cop, reprising his role to the surprise and delight of many viewers.

Matt Damon - EuroTrip (2004)

After the main character Scotty's girlfriend breaks up with him, we are introduced to her new boyfriend Donny. Portrayed by Matt Damon, still perfectly recognizable under all the tattoos and piercings, the scene is hysterical and features an incredibly catchy song that you will be humming for a long time after watching.