5 Important Book Characters Harry Potter Movies Wrongly Ignored

5 Important Book Characters Harry Potter Movies Wrongly Ignored
Image credit: Hogwarts Legacy

These characters made a great contribution to the plot of the books, but were undeservedly left out of the movies.

There is a huge number of characters in the Harry Potter books, so it is not surprising that many of them had to be removed from the movies.

However, fans are sure that some of them were completely unfairly ignored.

Rodolphus Lestrange

If you haven't read the books, you probably don't even know that Bellatrix Lestrange was married all this time.

Her husband, Rodolphus, was a Death Eater and one of Voldemort's most loyal followers.

In the books, the couple escape from Azkaban together, fight Harry Potter in the Department of Mysteries, and attack the Order of the Phoenix during the Battle of the Seven Potters.

Not a word is said about Bellatrix's husband in the movies, leading viewers to believe that there might be a romantic connection between Bellatrix and the Dark Lord.

Charlie Weasley

The movies introduce viewers to all the members of the Weasley family, except Charlie.

But it was him who helped Harry, Ron and Hermione transport the little dragon Norbert out of Hogwarts in the first book, and who tried to warn Harry about the first test of the Triwizard Tournament in the fourth book.

Charlie was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix and took part in the Battle of Hogwarts.

The Gaunt family

The movie omits many of the interesting details of Voldemort's history, while the book goes into great detail about what led the orphan boy Tom Riddle to become the Dark Lord.

In particular, the reader is introduced to the history of the Gaunt family: Marvolo, Morfin and Merope – Tom's grandfather, uncle and mother.

If the filmmakers had at least briefly told the audience this story, then Tom's path to becoming the Dark Lord would be more understandable.

Phineas Nigellus Black

Phineas Nigellus Black is the great-great-grandfather of Sirius Black and one of the Headmasters of Hogwarts.

Phineas does not appear in the story, but his portraits, which retain the character and knowledge of their prototype, play an important role.

One of them hangs in Dumbledore's office, the other in the Black House, the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

Phineas can move freely between these portraits, making him an important link in many stories.

For example, in the fifth book, he warned Sirius that Arthur Weasley was being attacked by Nagini. And in Deathly Hallows, he helped Snape track down the trinity in order to give them the Sword of Gryffindor.


Hogwarts is haunted by many ghosts, but none has the distinct personality of Peeves. In a series of books, this poltergeist caused a lot of problems not only for the main trinity, but also for other inhabitants of the castle.

And although Peeves does not play a key role in the development of the story, the absence of such an expressive character in the film series is very noticeable.

Without him, Hogwarts has lost some of its charm.

It is worth noting that British actor Rik Mayall was approved for the role of the poltergeist in the first film, but the scenes with him were deleted.