5 Iconic Scenes That Would Have Been Moved To The Post-Credits Today

5 Iconic Scenes That Would Have Been Moved To The Post-Credits Today
Image credit: 20th Century Studios, Universal Pictures

Before the MCU made post-credits scenes a common occurrence, some of the juiciest teases for sequels were common parts of movie finales.

Nowadays, the mid- and post-credits scenes teasing the possible sequels have become a common thing after the MCU movies made them incredibly popular and even the movies outside the superhero genre use them from time to time.

But this was not always the case, so many of these scenes were simply part of the epilogues of their respective movies, providing one last exciting reveal before the credits rolled.

Let's take a look at five scenes that would have definitely been moved to the post-credits today.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Nearly two decades later, the second Spider-Man film, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, is still considered one of the greatest superhero movies of all time.

But after the titular hero's intense final confrontation with Dr. Otto Octavius, which resulted in the villain redeeming himself by sacrificing his life to destroy his own creation, one particular storyline remained unresolved.

When fans saw Harry Osborn, who had just learned that the person he blamed for his father's death was actually his best friend, discover the Green Goblin's lair, it became clear that Peter now had another deadly enemy.

X2 (2003)

When Jean Grey, whom fans had come to know and love over the course of the first two X-Men movies, gave her life to save her friends from a flood, audiences were shocked, not expecting the character to be killed off so soon.

However, the final shot of the lake, with a phoenix-like shape appearing on its surface, made it clear that Jean would return soon, and that one of the most legendary comic book arcs would be the basis for the third film.

Though most of the scene with the rest of the team remembering Jean may have remained in the movie's epilogue, you can bet that this particular brief moment would have become a post-credits scene today.

Batman Begins (2005)

Christopher Nolan wowed audiences with his dark and gritty take on the titular superhero, which felt like a breath of fresh air after a series of much more lighthearted Batman films.

So when the final scene explicitly revealed that the Caped Crusader's greatest nemesis would be appearing in the sequel, fans lost their minds, even if they couldn't yet imagine how great Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker would be.

Back to the Future ( 1985)

While this cult classic is a far cry from the other entries on our list, which are mostly superhero movies, its iconic final scene would have fit perfectly in the post-credits section.

After fixing the past and enjoying his time with Jennifer, Marty is suddenly interrupted by Doc Brown, who arrives in the DeLorean and begins muttering that something is terribly wrong with his and Jennifer's children, so the trio is off on a new adventure.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

The second film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise ended on a massive cliffhanger, leaving no doubt that the third film would revolve around Jack's crew trying to rescue Captain Sparrow.

However, the biggest surprise of all was that the first film's antagonist, the now resurrected Hector Barbossa, would join them on their mission, which would have been perfect material for a post-credits scene.