5 Home Alone Locations You Can Visit Today To Feel The Holiday Spirit

5 Home Alone Locations You Can Visit Today To Feel The Holiday Spirit
Image credit: 20th Century Studios

Make sure to not leave anyone behind when going for the trip, though!

With Christmas fast approaching, we're all trying to create as festive an atmosphere as possible to keep the spirit alive. Some spend all their savings on holiday decorations, others buy gifts for their loved ones, and those who have a lot of energy to spend can take a great winter-themed trip.

What says Christmas more than Home Alone? There's probably no other movie that comes close in December streams. But sometimes to really get into the spirit, you have to immerse yourself in the movie, and that's pretty easy to do.

Here are the top five Home Alone locations to visit.

Central Park
New York, New York, USA

Central Park is not only one of the main tourist attractions of New York City, but also the place where little Kevin McCallister meets the pigeon lady with whom he later decides to become friends forever. This is where one of the most emotional scenes of Home Alone 2 was filmed and the one place that would be very easy to get into.

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport
10000 W Balmoral Ave, Chicago, IL 60666, USA

A trip to this place would cost you exactly one plane ticket. Although the interiors have definitely changed since 1990, when the first Home Alone movie was filmed, you can still imagine the slightly chaotic and very loud McCallister family sitting next to you, trying to find their lost son.

Grace Episcopal Church
924 Lake Street, Oak Park, Illinois, USA

One of the most heartfelt scenes in the movie happened while Kevin was listening to the church choir. He meets Marley, a man who, like Kevin, doesn't really have anyone to spend Christmas with, so they end up talking for a while. The church is open to visitors and also offers online prayer opportunities.

The Queensboro Bridge
61 Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge Path, New York, NY 10044, USA

The bridge that connects Long Island City in Queens to the Upper East Side in Manhattan is one of the iconic New York landmarks that helped little Kevin realize the scale of the city he would be wandering through this time. You can even recreate the scene from the movie in the frame if you can find a cab driver who doesn't mind you hanging out the window!

McCallister House
671 Lincoln Ave, Winnetka, Illinois 60093, USA

The most notable of all, of course, is the house that was used to portray the McCallister residence where Kevin had to fight two burglars. The house is a private residence, so you won't be able to visit the inside, but you will get the same wintery view of the picture-perfect suburban exterior.