5 Fan-Made Crossovers That Prove Bully Maguire Works in Any Movie 

5 Fan-Made Crossovers That Prove Bully Maguire Works in Any Movie 
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These Bully Maguire memes are the definition of perfection.

The magic of Sam Raimi 's Spider-Man trilogy has left an indelible mark on fans. For a vast majority, Tobey Maguire 's portrayal of the web-slinger is not just the inaugural but also the most memorable.

Moreover, there's one side of Maguire’s Peter Parker that stands out distinctly. When he shows his darker side, he transforms into the internet sensation known as Bully Maguire becoming a central figure of numerous fan-made videos. We are about to take a look at the most hilarious ones.

Bully Maguire vs. the Avengers in Endgame

The YouTube channel Human Spider imagined a “what if” scenario where Bully Maguire and Norman Osborn step into the shoes of Thanos and Iron Man. And it is a hilarious twist to the Endgame we all know and love.

Who could have thought that Green Goblin would save the universe?

Bully Maguire Ends the Final Battle

In this version by Matan Animation Studios, Doctor Strange opened a portal for Bully Maguire during the final battle in Endgame?

This edit combines the epicness of Endgame with the goofiness of Spider-Man 3's dance scenes, which makes Thanos surrender immediately.

Bully Maguire on Hot Ones

Who said Bully Maguire belongs exclusively to the cinema? A youtuber named Mork made Maguire take on the spicy challenge of Hot Ones.

Sean Evans, the host of the show, actually has to call Tobey Maguire. We need this episode. By the way, another Spider-Man, Tom Holland, has already been on Hot Ones.

Bully Maguire on Family Feud

After earning just $100 from his wrestling gig, Bully Maguire tries his luck on Family Feud. And let's just say, Steve Harvey wasn't ready for the Bully's charm.

Bully Maguire doesn't just rough up Harry Osborn, he even threatens to punch Steve Harvey if he doesn’t win.

Bully Maguire Vs Harry Potter

Harry Osborn wasn’t the last Harry to become Bully’s victim. After being sorted into Hufflepuff, Bully Maguire decides to show Hogwarts what he's really made of. From casting spells to challenging Harry, this crossover is pure magic.