5 Binge-Worthy Mystery Shows to Stream on Netflix Right Now, Ranked by RT

5 Binge-Worthy Mystery Shows to Stream on Netflix Right Now, Ranked by RT
Image credit: Netflix

These ones deliver seat-edge suspense!

Thriller series were always of much interest for the audience, as suspenseful and twisted plots can fully immerse you until the very shocking finale. If you’re a big fan of such shows, we have a perfect list for your late-night binge-watching marathon.

Here are 5 mystery shows rated 80% or higher on RT and available on Netflix.

5. Killing Eve ( 2018 - 2022) — 80% on RT

First comes Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer’s notorious spy show that follows an intelligence investigator tasked to capture a psychopathic and extremely dangerous killer. Even though its fourth and the last season was poorly received by the fandom, we bet you’ll be glued to the screen until you binge the whole series.

4. The Diplomat (2023 - …) — 83% on RT

Next comes a lesser-known yet must-see political thriller that focuses on the new United States ambassador to the United Kingdom while she’s trying to balance between quite a complicated job and her turbulent marriage to a political star. It’s a must-watch for those who like to observe political intrigues with impeccably written dialogues.

3. Ripley (2024) — 85% on RT

Based on Patricia Highsmith's 1955 crime novel The Talented Mr. Ripley, this eight-episode show has Andrew Scott playing a con artist whose road towards more money and fame is covered in blood. The wholesomeness of its script is added by extremely sleek black-and-white cinematography and convincing acting performances.

2. Dark (2017 - 2020) — 95% on RT

No words needed, you have certainly heard about the greatness of this German series that elevates thriller and science fiction elements to a completely new level. The story of a sinister time-travel conspiracy that spans several generations is indeed one of the best in TV history, and you will be lamenting the fact that it lasts only three seasons.

1. Dear Child (2023) — 100% on RT

The last entry on today’s list is a miniseries about a young woman who was missing for 14 years. She is then found with a little girl whom she calls a daughter, however, while the police interrogate the latter, a bitter truth lies behind their shared past.