5 Best Shows About Chefs And Cooking, If You Still Miss The Bear 

5 Best Shows About Chefs And Cooking, If You Still Miss The Bear 
Image credit: Fox, Netflix

The main condition – make some food before watching these.

In the world of cinema, the topic of food and cooking has become increasingly popular in recent years – just last year, four major projects dedicated to chefs were released – Boiling Point, Аlux Gourmet, Menu, and show The Bear.

Here’re five TV series that you should never watch on an empty stomach.

1. Kitchen Confidential

The comedy television series starring Bradley Cooper is based on celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain's autobiographical book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.

Like most food shows, Kitchen Confidential is filled with mouth-watering cooking scenes that leave viewers feeling hungry. The series also does not shy away from acute social issues related to the main character's addictions, which prevent him from getting the restaurant off the ground and building relationships with his new team.

2. Delicious

The British drama series skillfully combines love affairs and cooking delicious food.

Famous chef Leo cheats on his wife Sam with his former lover Gina, who once helped him succeed in his profession. In particular, Gina was the author of most of Leo's culinary recipes, who, despite his love of haute cuisine, never understood the professional subtleties available only to true gourmets.

3. Chefs

The owner of the restaurant Le Paris is ready to do anything to make the restaurant the most popular not only in his home country, but also in the whole world. On the way to the cherished dream, there’re many difficulties, and in the restaurant business, you are either a winner or a loser.

Without exaggeration, Chefs can be described as a gastronomic version of Game of Thrones. The show is full of behind-the-scenes intrigue, villainous strategies, and manipulative chefs.

4. Sweetbitter

Sweetbitter is based on Stephanie Danler's autobiographical bestseller of the same name, in which she describes her years working in an elite French restaurant.

The main character is a young woman named Tess who works as a waitress. The plot of the show is not about cooking, but about the vicissitudes of the restaurant industry, which squeezes the last bits of strength out of people without giving anything in return.

5. The Makanai: Cooking for the Make House

This is the story of the Japanese girl, Kiyo, who attends the specialized school in Kyoto. At the school, the girls are taught the wisdom of geishas: to walk in a kimono, to sing, and to dance to the rhythm of the music.

Unfortunately, Kiyo is the worst at the latter. Unexpectedly, the girl finds herself in the kitchen and eventually becomes makanai – the head cook at the school.