5 Actors We Forgive For Being Nepo Babies

5 Actors We Forgive For Being Nepo Babies
Image credit: Legion-Media

As long as they’re so good at what they do, no one should care.

With the rise of "nepo babies" talk in the entertainment industry earlier this year, it seemed like everyone was forming their opinions on a variety of celebrities. It was always a topic of discussion, but the wave pushed many actors to speak out on the matter. And, let's just say, some of them would have been better off keeping quiet.

Still, from the viewer's point of view, it doesn't really matter how an actor got into the business, as long as they're good at what they do. And luckily, something must run in the genes when it comes to filmmaking, as many of the "nepo babies" in acting are actually quite a delight to watch on screen.

Here are 5 great actors whose origins we're willing to turn a blind eye to.

Bill Skarsgård

Coming from a family of incredibly talented actors, there was no chance for Bill to just come out in the middle. Fans were captivated by his performance in IT and have been clamoring for more of Skarsgård's roles like that ever since, just to get that chilly feeling in their bones again. Fortunately, his career is on a definite high, so there's no shortage of roles coming his way.

Liza Minnelli

When your mother is none other than the great Judy Garland, you have big shoes to fill. But Liza Minnelli has proven to the world that her talent does not depend on her parents' names and connections. There isn't a single person who would dare question her Oscars, Tonys and Grammys combined. There simply isn't another talent like her.

Kieran Culkin

Technically, he's not so much a "nepo baby" as he is one of the rare cases of "nepo siblings". Like his older brother Macaulay, he was forced into acting at an early age, breaking out in the film Igby Goes Down, but then faded into the shadows. Appearing many years later as Roman Roy in Succession, Kieran Culkin proved himself once again.

Carrie Fisher

It's hard to imagine anyone calling this legendary actress a "nepo baby," but if we were to use that term, it would fit perfectly. The actress was the daughter of another iconic talent, Debbie Reynolds. However, her mother's name had nothing to do with the success of her career, especially after her involvement in the Star Wars franchise.

Mariska Hargitay

Known to every procedural drama fan as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 's lead character, Olivia Benson, Mariska Hargitay has made a name for herself through years of hard work on set. The actress is known for her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her role. These are qualities that no famous name can buy.