3 Wildest 'Ironheart' Scoops That Got Fans Talking

3 Wildest 'Ironheart' Scoops That Got Fans Talking
Image credit: Marvel

We finally get to know more about Riri Williams and her upcoming role in the MCU.

The heir apparent of Tony Stark, Riri Williams a.k.a. Ironheart is set to make her first MCU appearance in 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ', but she has already landed her solo show – and the first details about it are starting to arrive.

According to pop culture insider DanielRPK, 'Ironheart' is going to include some "crazy supernatural elements" and ponder the concept of the magic vs technology clash. Riri Williams, in her turn, is most likely to take the side of technology – after all, she is going to practically follow the footsteps of Iron Man and come up with a suit of armor that brings a human close to superheroes without actual superpowers.

The insider also noted that Riri is going to have more than one suit – something that might mean that the first look at Ironheart's bulky and massive suit is only a glimpse of what fans have to prepare for.

The supernatural element of the show was something that surprised fans the most, with many already voicing concerns about the extensive amount of magic in the superhero movies Marvel offers.

"Can't we have one thing that's not got magic stuff in it? I feel like that's all Phase 4 has been. Like everything is magic. I miss when it was just plain ol superheroes." – @BoScorevat53

However, a lot of fans seem to be excited about the idea, already bracing for some mystical characters to make an appearance. Among the characters related to magic in the Marvel universe are Wong (who has recently surged in popularity), Agatha (who we remember from 'Wandavision') and Doctor Doom – who is yet to be introduced in the MCU.

In fact, the supernatural element appeared to lure people who were reluctant to get invested into the Ironheart story before. The concept of magic vs. tech might be an interesting and fresh take for the MCU, as these two things have generally been separated from each other before.

Riri, who is portrayed by Dominique Thorne, is rumored to be the reason for a skirmish in Wakanda in the upcoming Black Panther sequel, with one of her inventions allegedly causing buzz in the movie.

'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' is to premiere on November 11, 2022. 'Ironheart', in turn, is slated for a 2023 premiere on Disney Plus. It will consist of six episodes and be part of Phase Five of the MCU.