18 Superhero Movie Bombs, Ranked by How Much Money They Lost

18 Superhero Movie Bombs, Ranked by How Much Money They Lost
Image credit: Legion-Media

For years, we've heard whispers of superhero fatigue, a mythical beast lurking in the shadows of every caped crusader flick, and now, with a string of recent box office flops – like 2023's "The Flash" or "The Marvels," it seems this creature has finally stepped into the light, throwing a wrench in the seemingly invincible superhero movie machine.

It's not just a recent phenomenon though; roll back the reels to the 80s and 90s, and you'll find a graveyard of superhero misadventures that lost more cash than a villain's lair after a hero's raid.

These 18 superhero movies stand as monuments to ambition outstripping execution, ranked by the depth of the financial craters they left behind, like a series of meteor strikes with capes and spandex.

Some of these films aimed for the stars and ended up plummeting back to Earth, wallets first, proving that even with superpowers, you're not immune to the laws of box office gravity. Their losses were so monumental, they could have funded a small villainous empire or maybe just a decent sequel. Let's take a look:

Each movie on this list serves as a cautionary tale, a reminder that not all heroes wear capes – some wear the solemn faces of accountants tallying up losses.