15 Lesser-Known British TV Series Worth Binging

15 Lesser-Known British TV Series Worth Binging
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Here are 15 underrated series that deserve a prime spot on your watchlist.

These aren't your typical crown-wearing dramas or detective tales set in foggy London streets. Instead, we're venturing into the quirky, the overlooked, and the downright genius of British TV.

1. "Toast of London"

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Ever heard of Steven Toast? No? An eccentric actor with a voice that could melt butter and an ego the size of Big Ben. His misadventures? Oh, they span the ridiculous to the sublime. From theatre mishaps to voice-over woes, Toast's life is one comedic calamity after another. A word of advice? Suspend reality and dive in; it's an acquired taste, much like marmite.

2. "Misfits"

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A storm brews, and voila! Delinquent teens on community service get superpowers. Sound like a classic hero tale? Toss that thought away! These aren't your cape-wearing, justice-seeking youngsters. It's gritty, funny, and utterly British in its tone. Instead of saving the world, they're more likely to mess it up. An oddball mix of youthful angst and paranormal pandemonium, it's a wild ride from start to finish.

3. "Fresh Meat"

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Unpack those university memories; we're diving into student life! Six freshmen, each distinct as chalk and cheese, share a house. What follows? Adventures, misadventures, lessons, and more in the world of higher education. The narrative straddles comedy and drama, much like juggling lectures and pub nights. A hearty toast to young life and all its chaos!

4. "Him & Her"

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Ditch the frills; here's a love story straight out of a cluttered flat. Becky and Steve, the titular duo, are in love – lazy, messy, delightful love. With most of the series confined to their apartment, it's a nitty-gritty portrayal of relationships. Real, raw, and occasionally nauseating, it's like peeking through the curtains of an everyday romance. Ready for a no-filter relationship expose?

5. "The Hour"

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Wind back the clocks to 1950s Britain. The setting? A BBC newsroom. Intrigue, espionage, and hard-hitting journalism form the crux. Following a trio of journalists, the plot delves into mysteries both professional and personal. Twists and turns? As assured as rain in London. It's a gripping, period piece drama, stitched with historical intricacies.

6. "Detectorists"

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Two blokes, metal detectors in hand, search English meadows for Saxon gold. Glittering treasure? Sometimes. But it's not always about the find, but the search. Andy and Lance, our delightful duo, delve into the hobbyist world of metal detecting. Historical artifacts? Sure thing. But sprinkle in some quirky village life, will you? It's a heartwarming look at friendship amidst the beeping of metal detectors. And don't even get me started on the eccentricity of English countryside folks.

7. "In the Flesh"

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Turn the undead trope on its head, will you? Zombies, or as the show prefers, PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) sufferers, get reintegrated into society. Back in their old homes, with past lives knocking. Kieren's our central reanimated chap, but this isn't your traditional gut-spilling zombie fest. No, sir! This one's dripping with British social critique. The storyline's much like sipping on a bitter brew with a surprising sweet aftertaste.

8. "Inside No. 9"

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Huddle close! Every episode's a new tale, wrapped up neatly within the confines of a 'No. 9'. Be it a mansion, a shoe, or a dressing room – always a No. 9. A motley of genres greets you – horror, comedy, drama, all thrown in the mix. Think of it as a delightful mystery box where you never quite know what's lurking inside. Is it always a hit? No. But it's always intriguing, much like that strange house at the end of your street.

9. "Peep Show"

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Get inside the head, quite literally, of two vastly different roommates. The view? First person. The vibe? Often cringeworthy. Jez and Mark, the stars of our chaotic dance, navigate love, work, and oh-so-frequent blunders. It's comedy gold from a fresh, peep-through-the-keyhole perspective. Like a diary entry gone wildly awry, this series is a headfirst dive into the chaotic inner monologues of two very clueless chaps.

10. "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace"

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Right, picture an 80s horror show that's so bad, it's actually...well, magnificent. The premise? A horror writer shares his never-aired TV show. The result? Outlandishly hilarious. Campy effects, dreadful dialogue, and intentional blunders galore! If you like your satire thick and your TV retro, this kitsch monstrosity is up your alley.

11. "Criminal: UK"

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Within the cold walls of an interrogation room, stories unfold. Detectives dig deep, suspects squirm, and narratives shift. It's a masterclass in dialogue-driven drama. Each episode? A new crime, a fresh face, and an enigma to unravel. Less about the crime, more about the psyche; it's like piecing together a jigsaw with ever-changing edges.

12. "Stag"

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Into the Scottish Highlands goes a group of men, celebrating an upcoming wedding. A simple stag do, right? Wrong! The party soon finds themselves hunted. By whom, you ask? That's the fun (or horror) of it all. It's a dark comedy that teeters on the brink of horror. Think of it as a pitch-black comedy, where the woods hold more than just trees.

13. "Pulling"

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Ever called off a wedding? Donna has. And now? She dives into the single life with her two best friends by her side. The catch? Single life isn't as rosy as one might think. This comedy series pulls no punches. It's raunchy, real, and raw. Life, love, and mistakes – they're all here, unapologetically displayed in their messy glory.

14. "Whitechapel"

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London's East End, where history's shadows linger. Modern day, but with age-old crimes reenacted. Jack the Ripper, the Kray twins – their legacies haunt the streets and challenge the detectives. Crime-solving isn't just about clues; it's about understanding the past. With each case echoing history, can the present ever truly escape the past?

15. "Thirteen"

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Emerging from a cellar, 13 years after being abducted, Ivy Moxam begins to reclaim her stolen life. But things aren't simple. Her family has changed, and so has she. And then there's the question: what truly happened in that cellar? It's not just a story of kidnap, but of identity, trust, and the shades of gray in human relationships.