12 The Flash (2023) Movie Mistakes & Fails Only Hardcore Fans Noticed

12 The Flash (2023) Movie Mistakes & Fails Only Hardcore Fans Noticed
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The Flash crew seems to have given the backgrounds the least amount of attention. But that's nothing compared to mediocre CG!

Like its titular superhero, The Flash arrived quickly last June and was just as quickly forgotten. Sure, it was talked about for some time after its release, but the lingering sentiment wasn't always enthusiastic, and Warner Bros. and audiences alike were looking forward to the upcoming release of Barbie, which would finally eclipse The Flash's critical and commercial failure. However, both hardcore fans and those who don't pay attention to critical reception have probably seen the movie more than once. And whether it's your first or tenth time seeing The Flash, you may not have noticed these 12 movie mistakes.

12 of the Flash's Biggest (And Least Obvious) Movie Mistakes

1. So was it a red car or a black car, Batman?

2. Self-locking case

3. Where did the tire tracks disappear to?

4. The bookshelf that disappeared in the next shot

5. Missing rag

6. Spatial disability

7. Mr. Wayne, that's the wrong pan!

8. So which Barry is the saltshaker pointing to?

9. Poorly designed background

10. Turns out Superwoman can teleport

11. Extras can teleport too!

12. In the big city, superpowers are no surprise!

Despite a somewhat compelling story, many have noted that the movie about the DCU 's speedster suffered from numerous issues, ranging from the controversial Ezra Miller to poorly executed visuals to bizarre script choices and some pretty ridiculous scenes. Just think of the newborn in the microwave or the bad CGI faces of long-dead actors (who obviously could not have given their consent for their appearances to be used in the movie).

Unfortunately, the movie mistakes presented in this article are yet another proof of how poorly produced the movie was, as WB clearly expected Barry Allen-level speed from the film crew, rushing every element of the production and forgetting that real people were working on the project, not characters from comic books. As a result, the movie failed at the global box office, grossing only $271.3 million against a budget of $200-220 million.

But for all its flaws, it's a guilty pleasure kind of movie failure, and while The Flash wasn't the most successful conclusion to the old DCEU era that began with 2013's Man of Steel, the flick is still quite fun to watch, full of great action sequences and a nostalgic love for all the previous cinematic iterations of DC's heroes.

The Flash is already available on streaming services! You can watch it on Max and Prime Video.

Did you notice these movie mistakes while watching The Flash?