12 Best Matt Smith 'Doctor Who' Episodes That Might Just Outshine Tennant's

12 Best Matt Smith 'Doctor Who' Episodes That Might Just Outshine Tennant's
Image credit: BBC

With the real introductory season of Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor still some time away, I decided to prepare myself by re-watching the best Dr. Who run there is - Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor (don't judge me!) - and oh boy, does Gatwa have big shoes to fill!

At first, I thought the number of best episodes from Smith's run would be rather modest, but after re-watching 44 episodes, I realized I was wrong.

Here are the best episodes of Matt Smith 's Eleventh Doctor:

You can praise the last few seasons of Dr. Who all you want, but there's no denying that Matt Smith's time on the show was its best. The stories felt fresh, the morals behind them didn't feel preachy, and Smith used all his skills to make the Eleventh as endearing as possible.

Episodes like "A Christmas Carol" and "The Doctor's Wife" can easily claim the top spot as the best in the show's long history, as their drama and feel-good vibes are perfectly in line with what people really want to see in Dr. Who.

Even though I had a wonderful time watching Smith's run as Dr. Who, I couldn't help but feel a bit depressed - it's obvious that the BBC has no intention of using this wonderful selection of episodes as inspiration for future seasons. Dr. Who is dead, all praise to Dr. Who!