10 Young Sheldon Moments That Made Us Actually Like Sheldon

10 Young Sheldon Moments That Made Us Actually Like Sheldon
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He wasn’t all that bad after all.

Although Sheldon Cooper was the most annoying character of all on The Big Bang Theory, his flamboyant nature and curious backstory earned him an entire spinoff, Young Sheldon. Although the story of a young child prodigy in Texas in the '90s ended up being brilliant not because of Sheldon himself, but because of the Cooper family dynamics.

Young Sheldon, however, did justice to the character. And as annoying as you may find him, even as a child, there are a lot of moments that make you care more about Sheldon as a person.

A Graduation Speech

Even though Sheldon hasn't always been good to everyone, especially his siblings, he's tried to make up for it the best way he can. His relationship with Missy was rocky from the start, but he showed his true colors and appreciation for everything his sister did for him in his heartwarming graduation speech.

Do Good Baseball

Another moment between Missy and Sheldon that must be acknowledged is his support for her basketball pursuits. Even though he has never been a fan of sports, or romance for that matter, all he knew was that his sister found it all important. And that was enough for him to wish her luck, even though he had no idea what she was doing.

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Reassuring Mary

While some people may feel that Mary was not a very good mother to either Georgie or Missy, the bond she shared with Sheldon was undeniable. She did everything she could to help him succeed in life, and he felt it, even when he was too young to really understand. No matter how he felt about religion, he was the one who made her believe.

Winning a Football Game

Who said Sheldon's brain couldn't be used for something he wasn't very good at? His strategic thinking applied to all kinds of sports, and he helped his father a lot with his advice. Plus, in the same episode, we learned that he'd been doing the family's taxes since the age of six. This boy definitely did a lot of good for the Coopers.

The Iconic Shirt

One of the things that made Sheldon so Sheldon-y on The Big Bang Theory was the variety of T-shirts he wore on a daily basis. The moment he put on his new shirt, viewers knew he had truly found himself. And even though back then he thought he might look too cool in it, fans knew he'd grow into it someday.

Saving the Family

When Georgie managed to convince Sheldon that his family was on the brink of ruin because Mary and George were about to divorce over Meemaw's brisket recipe, he found himself in a compromising position. Since he knew the recipe but also knew it was a secret, he should have kept it to himself, but he ended up telling out of love for his parents.

Helping Mandy in Labor

Even though Sheldon was not much of a helper and lacked empathy, as he always does, it was rather sweet to see him come immediately and be all prepared. Even when there was no one else around, she was quick to show up for his family and make the best of the circumstances he found himself in. That is a rare quality in a teenager.

Angry Cleaning

While being angry at his mother was not one of Sheldon's proudest moments, the montage of him cleaning the entire house in anger was adorable. Besides, it must be very useful to have such good anger control at such a tender age. If anything, such tantrums probably brought Mary more joy than trouble.

Calling the Pastor Out

Although Sheldon was not a big fan of the church, and it often irritated Mary, there was one time when it actually helped. His standing up in church and calling out the hypocrisy was the highlight of season six. He couldn't stand to see his mother hurt and disrespected like that, and he protected her.

Soft Kitty Song

Sheldon may not have been a fan of babies, but soothing baby Constance with a song we all know and love was one of the most heartwarming moments of the entire show. The silly lullaby that made its first appearance on The Big Bang Theory ended up having a much bigger meaning for the entire Cooper family.