10 Years Later, Denzel Washington’s First Action Thriller Lands on Netflix

10 Years Later, Denzel Washington’s First Action Thriller Lands on Netflix
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Get ready for some tension.

There are movie franchises that are so captivating you just can't wait for the next installment to be released. And there’s even no need in having some sort of a very complicated story in each of them, you just want all the good stuff from the original to be present and it’s good if there are some new details to the story.

In the case of action movies, there’s usually a new villain in every new chapter, but it’s always hard to top the first one, of course, so it’s important that writers use all their creativity.

One of the most popular franchises of action thrillers out there is without doubt Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer. The original movie was released in 2014 and turned the viewers into obsessive fans of his character, Robert McCall.

Robert is an ex-special service officer who decided to fake his own death in order to fulfill the promise he had given to his tragically dead wife and put his past behind. However, the dreams of a quiet life will just stay there in his mind.

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One day, while working in a shop, he noticed that his regular customer, a teenage sex worker named Teri, who had become his friend, was being harassed by her pimp. When they went for a walk, Slavi just approached and forced the girl into the car.

After some time, Robert found out that the girl had been beaten almost to death by her pimp, so he decided to buy her freedom and offered Slavi the money. However, Slavi refuses to take the money, which awakens Robert's killer desire to bring justice to the world. And that's when his problem began.

Many viewers compare the movie to John Wick or Taken, but this movie, despite sharing almost the same justice-serving premise, gives off a different vibe.

“I really like the first one. The action is not as good as John Wick but also not so relentless that it becomes tiring. Also doesn’t have the creepy sexual ownership subtext of Taken. Denzel is just a good guy who wants to help people. He’ll even calmly explain to the goons why they should walk away and then be so disappointed when they don’t and now he has to tear him apart,” Redditor Unleashtheducks said.

The Equalizer will land on Netflix on May 1, so mark your calendars.