10 Best Prison Shows To Binge After Orange Is The New Black 

10 Best Prison Shows To Binge After Orange Is The New Black 
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Let's just hope we don't see anyone like prison-Mike there.

The shows that are set in a specific place are so much more interesting to watch, because it's always a tricky task to create the atmosphere of a real hospital, restaurant, hotel, office, or any other place that might exist.

Creating a compelling show about prison life is probably the hardest task of all. Considering the genre of the series, the writers need to make us believe that the people behind bars are villains, or on the contrary, innocent people framed for something awful. So if you are in the mood for some prison drama (and Orange Is The New Black is already finished), use this list.

1. 60 Days In

The show premiered on Hulu in 2016, and has since become one of the most popular docuseries about life in prison. It focuses on two male volunteers who decided to spend two months behind bars to understand what it's like. They were shocked by all the complex structures and strict rules the prison had, and wanted to fit in to find out everything illegal that was going on there.

2. Lockup

For 25 seasons, the show has portrayed everything that can happen in prison, every harsh reality that people can face there. The documentary show is a glimpse into the lives and the backstories of many men and women who ended up in the scariest place on earth. Lockup is considered to be the best non fictional show about prison.

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3. For Life

One of the latest prison-based shows tells the story of a wrongly accused Isaac Wright Jr. who was forced to leave his family and go to prison because of the betrayal of his friend who claimed he was a kingpin. However, the premise of the show is completely unique as it features the prisoner becoming a lawyer from behind bars and helping his fellow inmates get justice.

4. Prison Break

This show delves more into fiction territory and actually does not give us the realistic vibes of prison life. However, Prison Break is one of the most engaging dramas of the 00’s. It focuses on the main character, Lincoln Burrows, who was sentenced to death but was innocent. The first season’s events revolve around him plotting his escape, but later the storylines get much darker.

5. Girls Incarcerated

The series is among Netflix 's most underrated projects, but it's definitely worth watching. The show has two seasons and revolves around the lives of teenage girls who have ended up in prison in Indiana. A lot of heavy topics are discussed in the show, and it really makes you think about how cruel life can be and how important it is to not lose faith.

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6. Prison Playbook

This South Korean dramedy stars Kim Je-hyuk, a baseball star who went to prison for trying to save his sister. After injuring her attacker, the man died and Je-hyuk was sentenced to a year behind bars. The dark comedy deals with serious issues, but it is still (sorta) fun to see a popular athlete go through an unpleasant time in prison.

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7. Oz

Oz is probably the most brutal and graphic show ever created on the subject. Oz is the full name of the maximum security prison used as an experiment to control the most dangerous inmates. Oz is full of twists and turns that will definitely leave you speechless…and likely unable to sleep well.

8. Prisoner: Cell Block H

The Australian predecessor to Wentworth, the 1970s show also focused on the lives of women in prison. There were 690 episodes that primarily centered on the everyday problems women faced while serving their sentences. Although the show is quite old, you would be surprised how often the diehard fans of the series rewatch it. Maybe you should too.

9. Wentworth

The 2013 series follows Prison's main character after she finally finds peace behind bars and makes her way up the hierarchy. The series eventually adopted an ensemble format, which allowed outside characters to come into their own and provide fans with more compelling stories. Wentworth has received critical acclaim for its excellent casting, high drama and dark tone.

10. Black Bird

The AppleTV Plus show starring Taron Egerton is definitely a must-see. It's only 6 episodes long and tells the story of a football star turned criminal facing 10 years behind bars who decides it's better to take the deal from the prison administration in order to turn in another inmate. The show was very well received by both critics and audiences because of its complex story and brilliant casting.