10 Best 2000s Procedurals That Blue Bloods Can't Hold a Candle To

10 Best 2000s Procedurals That Blue Bloods Can't Hold a Candle To
Image credit: ABC, CBS

In many ways, the 2000s was the golden era for network procedurals, as people generally spent more time watching live TV, as none of the streaming giants that now dominate the industry were around.

Also, the structure of the procedural didn't seem as boring back then, and writers were experimenting a lot more.

So it's no wonder that people tend to remember procedurals from the 2000s with only kind words. We decided to pick the best of the best crime shows of that decade and rank 10 of the best of them!

It's easy to notice that most of the shows on this list have strong comedic undertones, as mixing crime and comedy was the staple of network comedies back in the day. People wanted to have a good time, and shows with cheesy yet lovable heroes gave them that!

Of course, some of the shows mentioned above are pretty dark, with gruesome murders and morally bankrupt heroes, which certainly influenced a whole host of shows that are popular today, including "True Detective, " for example.

Looking back at these shows in 2024 is actually quite sad. After all, there are no interesting procedurals on TV right now. Luckily, you can still binge on the great procedurals of yesteryear!