Yellowstone's Beth Finally Maxed Out on Drama and Nonsense

Yellowstone's Beth Finally Maxed Out on Drama and Nonsense
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Yellowstone began primarily as a show about John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his pursuits to maintain possession of the ranch.

However, with each passing season, series creator Taylor Sheridan has transitioned and presented Yellowstone more from the perspective of other characters, like the offspring.

In the first few seasons, Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was one of the noteworthy characters. Audiences grew with the show as Kayce married Monica (Kelsey Asbille), and the couple gave birth to John's first grandson, Tate.

Nevertheless, the past couple of seasons of Yellowstone has focused more on other siblings, namely the seemingly endless rivalry between Jamie (Wes Bentley) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

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Unfortunately, for long-time fans of the TV series, this is not a good trend. It's no hidden secret that viewers, especially on social media, are opposed to giving Beth any more screen time than she already receives. Beth remains the faithful, obedient, spoiled favorite child of John Dutton, but that doesn't mean audiences feel the same way.

"Regarding Beth… where to begin?" A Redditor began a rant regarding the much despised Yellowstone character. "There has been zero character growth… other than her incessant drinking and drugs, I don't like her. At all."

Indeed, most Redditors agree that Beth Dutton is a waste of screen time. They do not share the same opinion as Sheridan, who continues to feature the character prominently on the show.

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Instead, Redditors would like to see some more of the other siblings along with Beth finally giving her step-brother, Jamie, a break. The catty character has been holding serious resentment toward Jamie since the first season, and it's just getting redundant. Fans are officially maxed out on the Beth Dutton drama and nonsense.

Audiences are not wrong. It does appear that Sheridan has been intent on forcing the Beth storyline even if she continually ranks as one of the most unpopular characters on Yellowstone.

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It's saying a lot considering the rest of the cast consists of conniving, shady individuals or repeat murderers. The drama between Beth and Jamie has been a way to push the plot forward in season five, but fans find it tiring and repetitive.

"I feel like [Sheridan] is trying to force me to like her," the Redditor continued to gripe, another opinion shared by many that they would much rather root for Jamie than Beth.

It's true, you cannot force audiences to embrace something they do not accept, appreciate, value, or love. Perhaps changes are on the horizon considering the potential departure of Kevin Costner and reports that Yellowstone is seeking to change directions.