Yellowstone Fans Reach Their Breaking Point After Latest Instagram Teaser

Yellowstone Fans Reach Their Breaking Point After Latest Instagram Teaser
Image credit: Paramount

The news keeps getting worse and worse for fans of Yellowstone as they continue to linger over the status of its star, Kevin Costner.

It's been reported that the Academy Award-winning actor is feuding with Taylor Sheridan, creator of Yellowstone, regarding how many days he is willing to commit to shooting for the remainder of season five.

The TV series is currently in the middle of an awkward hiatus, as the mid-season finale concluded in February, and ever since, the show has been in Limbo. For starters, Sheridan has yet to confirm when (or if) Yellowstone will return for the remainder of season five. It appears to hinge on whether Costner is willing to play ball or would rather focus on his own western (due out later this year).

Sadly, this appears to finally be getting under the skin of certain co-stars. For example, Rip Wheeler, one of the prominent characters in Yellowstone, has had enough.

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Rip has been involved in the latest Instagram meme since March 7, when Paramount Network released an ominous reference to the ranch hand and his connection to John Dutton. In the scene, Rip is seen disgruntled at a bar, moments before his wife (Beth Dutton) is about to get into a fight. Despite the ensuing trouble, Beth is free and enjoying herself, while Rip would rather be elsewhere.

Oddly, the reference to the scene was followed in the Instagram post with the caption: "I got about a half-hour left in me of this s**t. Patience wearing thin."

For many, the reference to the scene and the message is not as mysterious as some would like to believe.

Rather, it's clear evidence that Paramount Network, like Rip, is getting sick of Costner's antics. It's the sentiment shared by many fans who fear the beloved neo-western is trending in the wrong direction. If Costner is unwilling to return to Yellowstone, will audiences reach their breaking point?

The latest Instagram teaser from the network that produces the show appears to indicate they are also displeased with the recent gossip. Despite it, Paramount has put on a good face indicating "no news to report" regarding Costner's departure from Yellowstone. Still, could their patience also be finally "wearing thin"? It's been rumored that Matthew McConaughey might serve as a potential replacement, thus Paramount is anticipating the worse.

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In the end, fans' patience may wane, but the decision ultimately falls on Costner. It appears he has all the negotiating power, especially after recently winning "Best Actor – TV Series Drama" at the 2023 Golden Globes. Thus, whether Sheridan, the network, or fans like it – they have no choice but to obediently wait on Costner to make a final decision.