Will We Get Another Nolan Superhero Movie? Here's What the Director Says

Will We Get Another Nolan Superhero Movie? Here's What the Director Says
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Many fans have been waiting for years to learn whether The Dark Knight Rises was the end of Nolan’s superhero journey, and recently, the director addressed this topic.

Back in the day, Christopher Nolan achieved what had been considered impossible: he…made a live-action Batman movie. While there has been a plethora of those at the end of the 20th century and we definitely don’t lack them now, at the time, things were very different.

After the immense, soul-crashing failure of George Clooney ’s Batman & Robin back in 1997, for years, no one has attempted to make another live-action adaptation of this story. Even though prior to that, they were making new Batman entries all the time, Clooney’s bomb scared directors off. No one wanted to touch that story.

Eight years passed, and then Christopher Nolan arrived out of the blue with his 2005’s Batman Begins which saw enormous success and became an instant classic for the superhero genre. It was then followed by The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises which ended the trilogy in the most fulfilling way possible.

The Dark Knight Rises drew the finish line in 2012, and since then, it’s been more than a decade without any superhero-related news from Christopher Nolan. The fans are still out there hoping: some want him to build upon the Dark Knight trilogy, and others simply want to see more superhero story interpretations from the director.

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While Nolan himself was keeping quiet on this topic, the silent hope was still burning in the fans’ hearts; but recently, the director was asked about it during his interview with HugoDécrypte. Unfortunately for the fans, Christopher Nolan gave the shortest and most definitive answer of them all: he simply said “No.”

This concludes all hopes and speculations about the continuation of the Dark Knight trilogy and Nolan’s potential collaboration with the new DCU. The director is absolutely not interested in dealign with the superhero genre again, so he won’t.

Luckily, he already left a huge imprint on it as his Batman movies are still regarded as the best example of tackling the genre. We can rewatch those, at least.

Source: HugoDécrypte via YouTube