Will Titania Fight Bruce Banner in 'She-Hulk'?

Will Titania Fight Bruce Banner in 'She-Hulk'?
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Is the power of one influencer enough to deal with two Hulks?

In the second episode of 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law', we saw Bruce Banner departing to outer space after giving his blessing to Jennifer Walters to take up Abomination's case. But it looks like it's definitely not the last time we see Bruce in the show.

Fans immediately started speculating that Mark Ruffalo 's character will return at some point in the show because of a backstage photo with Jameela Jamil, who portrays Titania. The two are pictured at a location we are yet to see in the show, with Jamil rocking a that her stunt double wore in other set photos from She-Hulk that emerged in 2021. Ruffalo was also seen in those photos, so fans have suspected that Jamil's Titania is going to face off the original Hulk.

However, the first two episodes have not yet revealed the location pictured in the backstage photo. This is why fans are confident that whatever Hulk is trying to resolve in space, he will be back before 'She-Hulk' season 1 ends – and he will most likely share some action with Titania.

Still, even Jennifer Walters herself is yet to share the action with the superpowered influencer. In episode 1, she and Titania had a brief fight in the courtroom, but Jen was quick to win. Her victory, however, resulted in her losing the job, even though she received an offer to spearhead the Superhuman Law Division.

Meanwhile, Titania's backstory remains a mystery. All we know about an apparent villain of the show is that she is a superpowered influencer who doesn't seem to know much about Jennifer Walters. Her connection with Bruce Banner – if there is any – also remains unknown.

But the mystery is soon to be revealed, with seven more episodes of 'She-Hulk' to premiere on Disney Plus. New episodes come every Thursday.