Will Percy Jackson and the Olympians Break the Fourth Wall?

Will Percy Jackson and the Olympians Break the Fourth Wall?
Image credit: Disney+

There's been a tendency to be extra engaging with the audience recently, which the upcoming Percy Jackson show might follow.

One of the signature things about Rick Riordan book series on the adventures of Percy Jackson — the son of a mortal woman and Greek God Poseidon — is how Percy himself narrates the story. Due to the POV, Riordan was able to establish a very special connection between the reader and the character.

With the books now being adapted into a Disney Plus TV show, fans are wondering how the adaptation is going to handle Percy's narration story-wise. Some people suggest that Walker Scobell's character is going to be sometimes delivering a monologue like Galadriel does in The Rings of Power.

But others came up with a different idea: one of the most talked-about Reddit theories suggests Percy Jackson series breaking the fourth wall. For Percy Jackson and the Olympians, this would actually be quite reasonable, even though it risks making the show a bit more comedic than it's actually is.

However, fans believe that for some book scenes, breaking the fourth wall would be just right.

"Imagine we get to the duel with Ares. Percy looks at the camera, goes "get a load of this guy" and stabs him in the leg." – u/No-BrowEntertainment

In case it decides to break the fourth wall, Percy Jackson and the Olympians will not be the first Disney Plus show to do this. The same strategy is now used by She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, with Jennifer Walters being one of the first Marvel characters to have officially broken the fourth wall in the comics. She now does it in the show, with a lot of fans enjoying the way it helps her to connect with the audience and deliver the most hilarious punchlines.

There has been no official confirmation on whether Percy Jackson is going to go for such a way to engage with the audience, though. The show is going to premiere on Disney Plus at some point in 2024, with the shooting currently ongoing and the exact release date yet to be scheduled.