Will Eddie Munson come back as a vampire in season 5?

Will Eddie Munson come back as a vampire in season 5?
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In the dramatic season finale of Stranger Things, Eddie Munson bravely steps up to join the Hawkins gang in the fight against Vecna, having spent most of the season in hiding after being blamed for the killing of cheerleader classmate Chrissy. Finally, Munson had stopped running and was ready to stand up for his friends and the town of Hawkins.

What was truly a courageous act ultimately ended up being his last. Horrified fans watched as Eddie leaves Dustin behind and goes back into the Upside Down to fight off Demobats in order to buy the Hawkins gang more time to save Sam and kill Vecna. Eddie ends up losing the battle and dying in Dustin's arms in what could arguably be the most gut-wrenching scene in the series to date.

Fans are heartbroken and seem to be hoping that the next twist the producers of Stranger Things decide to bring involves Eddie Munson being in Season 5.

A fan theory that Eddie comes back as a vampire in Season 5 has blown up on social media and has gained a lot of support and evidence to back up the idea. From the start of the series, the game Dungeons and Dragons has played a major part in Stranger Things. Many of the main characters play the game together and eventually use ideas and characters of the game to connect to events happening in the real world of Hawkins.

So far, the Hawkins gang has battled The Demogorgon, Shadow Monster, Mind Flayer, and Vecna, which are all creatures that exist within the world of Dungeons and Dragons. If the link between the events that take place in Hawkins and Dungeons and Dragons, then Season 5 could introduce fans to Kas the Bloody Handed, Vecna's right-hand man. This would be Eddie resurrected as a vampire to serve under Vecna's orders and do his bidding.

Although nobody necessarily wants to see Eddie come back as a bad guy, the theory makes a lot of sense and could be a real possibility. According to the Dungeons and Dragons storyline, Kas eventually betrays and kills Vecna. Since the Hawkins gang has not gotten very far in terms of killing Vecna, this could be the long-awaited opportunity for Eddie to clear his name and redeem himself in the eyes of the people of Hawkins as a hero.

Kas the Bloody Handed uses a sword and shield, and in the final episode, the weapons Eddie chooses to fight the Demobats with are a self-made sword and shield. This could easily be a hint at what is to come for him or just a cruel coincidence. The fact that Eddie was killed by Demobats also supports the vampire theory, as the bats' bites could possibly turn him into a vampire instead of killing him completely.

What does Joseph Quinn think about it? Since his rise to stardom in the 4th season of Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn has been a part of many, many interviews. One video, in particular, features Joseph Quinn alongside fellow cast member Jamie Campbell Bower. The pair read out and react to a variety of different fan theories about Season 5 of Stranger Things. Fans have some wild ideas, there is mention of Eleven dying, of there being a new villain, of Will possibly having to die in order to kill Vecna, and many more. At one point Jamie mentions that he doesn't know anything about what happens in Season 5, to which Joseph replies "I know a little." Could this mean that he has been in talks with producers about a possible role in Season 5?

Interestingly there has been no mention of the Vampire theory in any reaction video or interview Quinn has been a part of, so we do not know what his opinion is on the possibility of Eddie Munson coming back as Vampire Kas the Bloody Handed. The avoidance of the theory seems quite intentional, as it is one of the most popular and most known theories fans have come up with leading up to Season 5, and it is strange that it has not been brought up by any of the Stranger Things cast.

When talking about Season 5, all Quinn has really commented is that he hopes to be back in some form or another.

When entering the U.S. he was temporarily detained by immigration officers who did not recognise him or believe that he was entering the country to be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. When he was recognised by another officer, they too asked him whether Eddie would come back in Season 5. He joked later that in order for them to release him he had better be in the upcoming season.

With the massive fanbase that Eddie Munson has accumulated, it would seem unreasonable not to appease fans and have his character appear in Season 5 in one way or another. Quinn doesn't deny that he wants Eddie Munson to be a part of Season 5, mostly in order to clear his name.

As the leader of the Hellfire Club, Eddie was framed for a murder he did not commit and was labelled a satanist among other accusations. In another interview, Quinn addresses this saying, "It'd be nice to clear his name. I don't know how we're gonna do that. But it feels unjust doesn't it?"

When it comes to the return of Eddie Munson in season 5, no matter what form, the cast, and crew of Stranger Things either really do not know or are really good at keeping a secret. Fans can only hope that the Duffer Brothers keep up their trend of bringing back characters we thought were dead. If they can do it for Will, Hopper, and Sam perhaps they will do it for Eddie after all his character has suffered and all the fans he has unexpectedly amassed.