Will Dylan O'Brien Replace Ezra Miller as the New Flash? Fans Demand Answers

Will Dylan O'Brien Replace Ezra Miller as the New Flash? Fans Demand Answers
Image credit: Legion-Media

Step away, Grunt Gustin, they all seem to have a new fan favorite scarlet speedster now.

In wake of the entire controversy surrounding actor Ezra Miller, who recently has really gotten into getting arrested in Hawaii, massive concern has emerged regarding his character in DCEU, the Flash.

And it looks like Warner Bros. seems to be considering someone to replace Miller – but it's not Grant Gustin, for whom many Flash fans initially campaigned online.

According to Screen Geek, the studio has Dylan O'Brien in mind. While it's unclear how many other actors are being considered, it seems that the 'Maze Runner' actor has pretty high chances to be promoted from just a runner to an actual scarlet speedster.

The news had social media rumbling, even though neither the studio nor O'Brien himself has confirmed or denied the rumors.

However, despite many O'Brien fans already screaming with joy, other the Flash fans still insist on The CW's Grant Gustin being cast for the DCEU instead.

Besides, shortly after the rumors went viral, several reporters, particularly Variety's Adam B. Vary and The Wrap's Umberto Gonzales stated that Warner Bros. in fact does not consider replacing Ezra Miller. Gonzales went on to add that 'The Flash' movie "wrapped more than 5 months ago". On the other hand, Screen Geek got quite a few rumors right recently (for example, correctly predicting Black Bolt's appearance in Marvel's 'Multiverse of Madness' back in February).

All things considered, it might be too soon to boot Ezra Miller from the DCEU, even though he has not enjoyed a lot of positive press recently following his two arrests for harassment in Hawaii.