Who's That One Person That Voices Ghostface in Every Scream Movie?

Who's That One Person That Voices Ghostface in Every Scream Movie?
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Despite the fact that the killer in each movie is a different person, the voice the viewers hear from behind a horrible mask belongs to the same actor.

What is your favorite scary movie? This is the question the movie killer nicknamed Ghostface likes to ask his victims.

Before an attack, he likes to call and use a voice changer to arrange an interrogation quiz on the subject of horror. If you don't answer a few questions, prepare to die.

So who hides behind the mask?

It is impossible to give a clear answer to this question, because in each movie of the Scream franchise, the role of the killer is played by different people (more often – several people per movie) with different motives.

But the voice of Ghostface is always the same, because in absolutely every movie he is voiced by the same actor – Roger Jackson.

Roger voices villains not only in movies, but also in cartoons. In The Powerpuff Girls, Jackson voices Mojo Jojo, one of the main villains.

He is a chimpanzee with a large brain sticking out of his head, which he hides under a special headdress.

He has a high intellect, but uses it to come up with new plans to take over the world. The story of this villain is one of the most developed in the series.

The actor is also actively involved in voice acting for game characters. He voiced Lawrence Higgs in Fallout 4, Anton Sokolov in Dishonored, but for most gamers, he is probably best known for voicing a character Singed in League of Legends.

This character also appeared in Netflix 's Arcane, but was voiced by a different actor.

It was Roger Jackson who helped create one of the most iconic horror movie villains. In the 90s, Scream not only reinvented the slasher genre, but also showed that the viewers were ready to embrace complex, multi-layered plots.

It paved the way for horror films like Final Destination and The Cabin in the Woods, which both deconstruct horror.

Given the entire postmodern nature of the franchise, it's especially funny that Scream was the basis for Scary Movie, a series of movies that satirize horror in a blatant and straightforward way.