Who Cares About Andor? Star Wars Fans Disappointed Over Character Getting His Own Show

Who Cares About Andor? Star Wars Fans Disappointed Over Character Getting His Own Show
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The Star Wars fandom has always guarded the idolized franchise since the initial release of 'A New Hope' in 1977.

Many fans were highly critical of the prequel trilogy when it first hit theatres. Some even disputed Vader as Luke's father during the big reveal in 'Empire' (... we do hope that's not still a spoiler). Therefore, it comes as little surprise that the newest upcoming Star Wars series 'Andor ' has already created some controversy among fans. Some of them are questioning, "why does the series exist at all?"

Why are fans questioning the show?

Users on the r/StarWars Reddit community have begun disputing why the series is being produced when there are other unexplored areas of the Star Wars universe for a show to be featured instead. In these discussions, there have been opinions arguing that many of the events in the Star Wars plot and timeline are rarely the focus, and using them would allow for more original sets and storylines for the continuing series and films of the franchise.

"I'd much rather have a series focused on Saw Guerrera and perhaps even Enfys Nest building their rebel factions. Could be a more adult oriented version of Rebels. That is, if they feel they really need to explore the pre-ANH rise of rebellion, Rogue One time period," one of the fans posted on Reddit.

A common appeal among fans is to feature new characters and shows from the Old Republic era, a theme that will already be familiar to players of the Old Republic video games. The Old Republic is set thousands of years before the events of the movies and is centered around the battle between the Jedi and the Sith before the formation of the Galactic Empire.

Critics of the yet-to-be-released Andor series argue that stories continuing to focus on the downfall of the Imperial Empire become repetitive and over-saturated. Everyone already knows how the story will end, why explore the Rogue One plot again? These characters were created for a prequel to the films, so why is Cassian Andor getting a show for himself?

Why is Cassian Andor getting a show?

Creators of 'Andor' would very much disagree with these rather critical fans of course. Many of those involved in the show, including Diego Luna himself, have claimed that the show exists because there was still so much left to tell of Cassian's and the rebel's story. Tony Gilroy, the series writer and executive producer who is also a writer for 'Rogue One', explains that 'Andor' will be a new and fresh take on the Star Wars universe in many ways. The show will supposedly feature new locations, characters, and plots that will tie into the familiar atmosphere that we all recognize from the other series and films.

"Personally im not really watching it for Andor, but more so for the state of the galaxy. It's clear we're going to see the politics of the empire era, as well as the rise of the rebellion. It's also speculated to show the bad sides of the rebellion, so all of this makes it interesting for me." – /VenoGreedo

Of course, we will have to wait to see for ourselves until the show is released to streaming later this month. Overall, there still seems to be a positive amount of anticipation for 'Andor'. Even the most skeptical of fans admit that they are sure the show will bring the same high level of quality and storytelling that other series such as 'The Mandalorian ' has brought us recently.

"You could say the same about The Mandalorian. As a character he didn't exist to even decide whether he was a fan favourite. However I approached the show with an open mind and enjoyed it. I'll be doing the same with Andor and drawing my conclusions after watching it." – /matthooper71

But the murmur among loyal fans still exists nevertheless; "When will we see something truly new of Star Wars?"

'Andor' will be available exclusively on Disney+ and is due to premiere on September 21, 2022 internationally.