Where Else Could You See NCIS: Origins’ Austin Stowell?

Where Else Could You See NCIS: Origins’ Austin Stowell?
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Before NCIS’ big upcoming spinoff came in his way, the actor made appearances in dozens of movies, but you probably never noticed.

The NCIS universe is getting a big expansion quite soon as the franchise is set to welcome two more spinoffs into the family with one of them putting its focus on Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ earlier years as a Special Agent. The upcoming series hasn’t received its release date yet, but what we definitely know so far is that Mark Harmon’s role is now officially passed to Austin Stowell.

Though NCIS’ lovers may never have heard the actor’s name before, his filmography is surely worth checking out, as it features some quite famous flicks, and you probably never knew Stowell was in there too.


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Damien Chazelle’s breakout directorial work that back in 2015 earned numerous accolades and prestigious awards got Austin Stowell for portraying Ryan Connolly, a drummer in the band supervised by Shaffer Conservatory’s relentless jazz instructor, Terence Fletcher.

While the latter, brought to the screen by J.K. Simmons’ brilliant performance, kept literally everyone in awe, including Miles Teller’s determined promising drummer Andrew Neiman, Stowell went in a complete contrast to the overall vibe.

The actor masterfully portrayed Andrew’s fellow who, unlike him, kept his cool about all the mess that Fletcher’s tough attitude was causing and thus brought some kind of refreshment to the steamy atmosphere.

Bridge of Spies

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Steven Spielberg ’s historical drama starring Tom Hanks as lawyer James B. Donovan features Austin Stowell in one of the most important roles as he was the one to portray Francis Gary Powers, a convicted CIA pilot who Donovan was trying to get out of jail.

The movie eventually proved Stowell’s sophisticated approach in an attempt to bring his character to the screen in the most authentic way possible as the actor had previously reached out to Powers’ real-life son to receive some interview tapes with Powers’ voice on them.

Stowell later on admitted that such a sneak peak into the pilot’s personal thoughts about his trial was just invaluable and helped the actor handle the role in a right way.

Battle of the Sexes

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Stowell then continued conquering Hollywood by landing roles in flicks starring major stars of the industry, and in his next significant movie he starred alongside Emma Stone and Steve Carell.

Released back in 2017, a sports drama Battle of the Sexes follows the events that led to the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. In there, Stowell landed the role of Larry King, a man of numerous professions and Billie Jean King’s ex-husband with whom she nonetheless kept a close relationship even after getting divorced.

Ahead of the movie’s release, Stowell noted that Larry King was indeed his wife’s biggest support both on the court and in personal life stressing that his own meeting with King left him nothing but a very good memory of finally getting to know that lovely man.