When This Character Left Law & Order: SVU, Even Legendary Finn Felt Sad

When This Character Left Law & Order: SVU, Even Legendary Finn Felt Sad
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Is this SVU's most emotional goodbye?

In Law & Order: SVU, characters come and go. When some of them leave, we don’t even notice, but sometimes, a departure can be really palpable. That was the case with Kat Tamin who left the squad. If you felt a pang in your heart during that episode, you're definitely not alone because even the seasoned sergeant Finn Tutuola felt this loss.

Katriona Azar Tamin was a dedicated detective with the Special Victims Unit. Before joining SVU, she was an officer for the Vice Squad. Kat's journey in SVU was filled with challenges and memorable moments.

She went undercover multiple times, putting herself in danger to bring criminals to justice. Her dedication and passion for her job were evident in every case she took on.

However, in the episode Never Turn Your Back On Them, after being involved in a shooting, Kat faced a life-altering decision. The trauma and the weight of her responsibilities took a toll on her.

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Following her recovery, she made the heart-wrenching decision to leave the NYPD, hoping to find a new career where she could still help victims.

Many fans on Reddit noticed how Finn, the steadfast detective, seemed particularly pained by her exit. Some speculated that Finn might have seen Kat as a daughter-figure, a sentiment that became evident when he showed visible discomfort with another detective taking a seat at Kat's desk.

One fan mentioned that Finn was probably in the process of building a relationship with Kat, expressing sadness that viewers didn't get to witness that bond flourish. Another user shared their hope for Kat's return, especially in light of other character departures.

The dynamic and mutual respect between Kat and Finn was something many missed and wished continued. Lastly, a sentiment echoed by several was that Kat undeservedly received negative reactions from certain sections of the fandom.

Yes, while some fans absolutely hated her departure, others were indifferent about the character, having reservations about different characters. But it is just another reason to admire how SVU can stir such strong emotions and discussions among its viewers.