What Your Favorite Bridgerton Character Says About You

What Your Favorite Bridgerton Character Says About You
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It's not just the steamy scenes we love "Bridgerton" for: it's the show's colorful collection of unforgettable characters.

Let's see what your favorite character reveals about you.

1. Daphne Bridgerton

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You can't start a "Bridgerton" conversation without mentioning the eldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne. On the surface, Daphne's life revolves around being presented to Queen Charlotte and entering London's marriage market. But Daphne isn't just another damsel in distress. She takes control of her own destiny by faking a courtship with Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. Why? To attract more suitors and, in Simon's case, to ward them off.

If Daphne is your favorite, you're likely the strategic type. You appreciate the power of a well-crafted plan and you're not afraid to go after what you want, even if it means bending the rules a bit. You're clever, strong-willed, and know the value of a mutually beneficial partnership.

2. Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings

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Simon is a man of complexity wrapped up in a layer of brooding handsomeness. Born to a father who disowned him for his speech impediment, he fights to prove his worth, ultimately attending Eton and Oxford to become the refined man he is. Despite his vow never to marry or have children, Simon gets roped into this fake courtship scheme with Daphne, only to actually fall in love.

So, what's it say about you if the Duke of Hastings is your top pick? You're likely a bit of a lone wolf with a big heart hidden beneath a protective exterior. You're resilient, have overcome personal challenges, and are maybe a tad stubborn when it comes to letting people in. But when you do, it's all or nothing.

3. Penelope Featherington

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Sweet Penelope is the wallflower who's so much more than she appears to be. One of the three Featherington sisters, she's often overlooked and made to feel second best. But Penelope is no ordinary young woman; she's the mysterious gossip columnist Lady Whistledown. Penelope writes about London's high society, anonymously influencing the lives of the ton while watching Colin Bridgerton from the sidelines, wishing he'd notice her.

If Penelope captures your heart, you're probably the type who observes more than you speak, and you're more cunning than people give you credit for. You're the friend who knows all the secrets but keeps them locked away, unless it's absolutely necessary to spill the tea.

4. Anthony Bridgerton

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Anthony is the eldest Bridgerton sibling who carries the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He's in charge of his family's well-being and is under pressure to find a suitable wife (at least until Kate comes along in Season 2). Anthony's life is a constant struggle between duty and personal desire. Though he tries to take the high road, his inner conflict is palpable.

If Anthony is the one you root for, you're the sort who often finds themselves caught between what you want and what's expected of you. You can relate to the feeling of duty over desire, maybe because you're the eldest or responsible one in your group. Like Anthony, you might be a bit controlling, but it comes from a good place.

5. Eloise Bridgerton

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Eloise, the outspoken and fiercely independent Bridgerton, is not your typical Regency-era young lady. She's more interested in reading and expanding her mind than in courting and getting married. In fact, she's quite skeptical of the whole societal machine that turns women into wives and mothers without giving them much choice.

If Eloise is your favorite, you're someone who questions the status quo and isn't afraid to voice your opinions. You're intelligent, you crave freedom, and you're likely the one in your friend group who brings up the uncomfortable but necessary conversations. You value your independence and intellect over societal norms any day.

6. Colin Bridgerton

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The charming Colin is another Bridgerton who's more than meets the eye. He wants to see the world and isn't too keen on settling down, even though society expects him to. Colin doesn't realize that his close friend Penelope has feelings for him, even as he gets entangled with Marina Thompson, a woman with her own secret pregnancy.

Can you relate to Colin? If so, you're probably a free spirit, someone who dreams big and is a bit naive when it comes to reading people's true intentions. You're optimistic, social, and often serve as the peacemaker in your group. Even when you mess up, people can't help but forgive you because, well, you're just so darn likable.

7. Queen Charlotte

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Queen Charlotte is more than just a royal figurehead; she's an astute observer of societal happenings and sets the tone for the entire London season. From her throne, she dishes out judgments and orchestrates events that ripple throughout high society. Though she comes off as stern, she has a deep understanding of the nuances of love and power.

So, if you're all about Queen Charlotte, you're likely someone who enjoys the grander picture of life. You appreciate power but also understand the responsibility that comes with it. You have a knack for reading people, and like the Queen, you probably enjoy having the final say in matters.

8. Lady Danbury

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Lady Danbury is the seasoned and outspoken mentor to Simon. Though she's older, she's anything but a frail old woman. Lady Danbury doesn't just occupy space; she owns it. She's the one who urges Simon to let go of his past and embrace love, all while being the life of every ball with her sharp wit and poise.

If you're a Lady Danbury fan, you're probably a sage among your friends. You have a sharp tongue but a warm heart. You're the one people turn to for advice, knowing you'll tell it like it is – even if the truth stings a bit. You're confident, but you also have a soft spot for those you mentor or care about.

9. Marina Thompson

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Marina shakes things up in the Featherington household and the ton at large. She enters the season with a secret: she's pregnant. Her initial plan is to pass off another man as the father, but her plan collapses. She forms a connection with Colin Bridgerton but ultimately decides not to trap him into marriage, revealing her true situation.

If you find yourself drawn to Marina, you're likely someone who understands the complexities of life. You have probably faced tough choices and can empathize with those who are caught in difficult circumstances. You may even have a bit of a rebellious streak, challenging what society expects of you.