What Your Favorite Blue Bloods Character Says About You

What Your Favorite Blue Bloods Character Says About You
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What makes "Blue Bloods" such an enjoyable watch is its characters: flawed, complex, and yet – oh so relatable.

Whether you're a natural leader, a rule-bender, or the wise elder of your group, there's a Reagan – or a Moore – for everyone.

1. Frank Reagan

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Frank Reagan is the man at the top of the food chain, serving as the Police Commissioner of New York City. Being the patriarch of the Reagan family, Frank takes his role seriously. He's got a reputation to uphold, and he works hard to maintain it. He deals with citywide issues like corruption, racial tensions, and cop shootings. Not to mention his constant interaction with the Mayor's office and other bureaucratic arms of the city. If you're Team Frank, you're all about responsibility, leadership, and you probably have a deep respect for authority figures. Plus, you might even enjoy playing the peacemaker among your family and friends, just like Frank does at the famous Reagan family dinners.

2. Danny Reagan

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Detective Danny Reagan is one of those characters who isn't afraid to bend the rules to catch the bad guys. Let's face it, the guy's a bit of a hot-head, especially in early seasons. Remember that episode where he pursued a serial kidnapper? He had no reservations about using his fists to extract information. It's all in a day's work for him, but it's not without some heart. But when Danny's around his family, especially talking to his kids, we see a softer side to him. If Danny's your go-to guy, you're likely a rule-breaker with a strong moral compass. You probably have a 'by-any-means-necessary' approach to solving problems and you're fiercely loyal to your loved ones.

3. Erin Reagan

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Erin Reagan serves as the Assistant District Attorney and is often seen juggling her demanding job with being a single mom to her daughter Nicky. One minute she's in court prosecuting a notorious drug dealer, and the next she's sitting across the dinner table, engaging in spirited debates with her family. She's even had to deal with internal corruption and bribery within the DA's office. Erin's work ethics are strictly by-the-book, even when it puts her at odds with her own family. Now, if you find yourself gravitating towards Erin, chances are you're the rational, level-headed one in your group. You value integrity and you're not afraid to stand alone if it means doing what's right.

4. Jamie Reagan

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Jamie is the youngest Reagan, a Harvard Law grad who opted for a cop's uniform over a corporate suit. Throughout the series, he works his way up the chain of command, starting from the very bottom, patrolling the streets and eventually ending up at supervising officers. If Jamie's your guy, then you're likely the thinker of the group. You contemplate the pros and cons, question traditional thinking, and might be viewed as the "conscientious one" among your pals. Your principles guide you, even when the going gets tough. You're probably the one your friends turn to for reasoned advice.

5. Maria Baez

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Detective Maria Baez works closely with Danny, and their chemistry is off the charts (although they don't end up together, and maybe it's better that way). From infiltrating a drug cartel to solving gruesome murders, Baez isn't afraid to put herself in dangerous situations. She also has her own struggles with her past; let's not forget the episode where her brother gets involved in a murder investigation. Choosing Baez as your favorite would mean you're unapologetically brave and you highly value partnership. You're the ride-or-die friend who'll be there in the clutch moments. You've likely got a tough exterior, but those who really know you see your vulnerable side.

6. Henry Reagan

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Henry's the epitome of the wise grandfather. A retired Police Commissioner, he's full of stories and wisdom he gladly shares at family dinners. He offers historical perspective on current issues, like when he talked about policing in the old days versus modern times. He's a living link to the Reagan family history and often serves as the moral compass for the entire clan. If Henry is your favorite, you're probably an old soul at heart, and perhaps the unofficial historian of your own family or friend group. You treasure traditions and value life lessons learned from the past. You may even have a knack for offering sage advice, whether people ask for it… or not!

7. Nicky Reagan-Boyle

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Nicky is Erin's daughter and the youngest member of the Reagan clan. Throughout so many seasons of "Blue Bloods " we've been watching Nicky growing up, turning from a teenager into a young adult grappling with her own sense of justice. Remember when she considered becoming a police officer like the rest of her family but decided to move to San Francisco instead? If Nicky is your favorite, you're likely the idealist of your circle. You're full of dreams and aspirations and have a clear moral framework that you refuse to compromise on. Plus, you have a rebellious streak; you're not afraid to challenge your family or societal norms to stand up for what you believe in.

8. Eddie Janko-Reagan

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Eddie starts off as a rookie patrol officer and Jamie's partner, but she becomes so much more. Love her or hate her (and hey, we've got no illusions about how "Blue Bloods" fandom feels about Eddie), she's a central element in many storylines, from dealing with issues of domestic violence to solving a mess the politics of a police precinct. She later becomes Jamie's wife, joining the Reagan family officially. If Eddie is your fave, then you're someone who thrives in a team setting but also knows how to hold your own. You probably pride yourself on your ability to adapt and grow. You're likely fiercely independent, but you also value the deep connections you form, both in personal and professional settings.

9. Garrett Moore

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Garrett serves as the Public Affairs Officer under Frank and is often the one managing the Commissioner's image. There's a whole episode dedicated to him struggling with the decision to retire, only to realize his work still has purpose. If you find yourself connecting with Garrett, you're most likely a behind-the-scenes kind of person, but your influence is palpable. You appreciate the importance of public perception and probably excel in problem-solving and crisis management. You may not always be at the forefront, but you understand that you play a crucial role in any team you're a part of.