What Was the Grossest Moment in 'Herogasm'? You Name It

What Was the Grossest Moment in 'Herogasm'? You Name It
Image credit: Legion-Media

You wanted it? You got it.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys ' episode 6 (as well as a lot of unwanted details)

Even those who knew what to expect have hardly managed to watch 'Herogasm' without flinching at least once. We received exactly what we feared and expected: a superhero orgy sprinkled with good old violence in between superhumans doing bizarre sexual stuff with each other.

But was there anything that could catch 'The Boys' fans, who are used to seeing occassionally horrifying things, off guard? Oh yeah.

Where do we even start? Things become cringe-worthy right from the moment Starlight and MM entering the location of Herogasm, where they are met by… well, one could say "love sausage", but those were definitely penis-looking tentacles.

One of the "sausages" is seen displaying a particular interest in Starlight's plus one, to his great discontent. Eventually, the two come inside only to see things way less family-friendly.

Superheroes, scattered across the swanky mansion, enjoy the weirdest sexual practices one could think of, and neither of them is bothered by restraining themselves when it comes to applying superpowers. A woman is heard enjoying someone's "stretching powers", while another superhero is forming dildos from straight air.

But the grossest stuff is ahead. At some point, Termite appears out of nowhere (this time he doesn't even explode someone's genitalia), only to cover MM's jacket in… something that is sticky, and we clearly don't want to know what that is.

Then, to Starlight and MM's shock, the latter happens to open the wrong door – and immediately gets covered in what appears to be sperm. A lot of it.

Starlight also gets her amount of cringe after walking in on The Depp having oral sex with… an octopus. Noting how Homelander is going to love this, Annie takes a couple of pictures. All too casual.

When it comes to violence, 'Herogasm' also does not disappoint. At some point, when Soldier Boy arrives at the location, he causes an explosion, wiping the mansion and a lot of orgy participants out. Others are seen bloodied and wounded, screaming for help.

A-Train, in his turn, marked yet another violent murder: at some point, he grabs Blue Hawk, shoves him on the ground and drags him, face down into the road, on high speed. In the end of the "race", pretty much nothing is left from Blue Hawk.

If this nice little review still has you willing to go check out 'Herogasm' yourself, feel free to do it, as the episode is currently streaming on Prime Video.